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What does the metaphor to eat like a horse mean?

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2013-11-07 04:59:24

To eat like a horse simply refers to the fact that some can eat

a great deal. A horse may eat 2-6 flakes of hay a day, plus oats,

fruit, or other pellets. (A flake is about 1/8th of a bale of hay;

hay bales (small ones) can weigh 40-60lbs.

Thus if you "eat like a horse" you eat alot!

In addition, a horse can eat so much that they can make

themselves seriously ill, even causing death!

This simply means you eat a lot. Horses are big animals and they do

eat a lot. If someone says this to you take it as a compliment that

you have a healthy appetite.

"Eat like a horse" simply means that someone eats a LOT of food.

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