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it means the overdrive is not on.

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Q: What does the od off light mean on the dash?
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05 jeep liberty has a dash light that is dd off?

You mean OD off. That is overdrive off. If it stays on all the time, you need to have the trans computer checked for codes.

What does od off mean on dashboard?

The OD light on dash stands for Overdrive. There is a button (usually) on the end of the turn signal lever. Some cars the button or switch is on the dash. If you push the button/switch the light will change to OD or OD on (may even go out) then you will be in overdrive. Being in overdrive is good except for steep hills or pulling a heavy load.

When the OD OFF indicator is lit on the dash does that mean I'm in Overdrive or I need to press it to turn it off?

If the light says off then your overdrive is turned off, push the button again and the light will turn off and overdrive will be on again.

How do you tell if your Over Drive is on or Off on your 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee?

If there is an OD off light on the dash, overdrive is turned off.

Your OD Off light is flashing what does that mean?

a malfuntion has been detected

What does the OD off light mean on your 2006 Scion XA?

"Over Drive Off"

What does the Od light on a Toyota tacoma dash mean?

OD means Overdrive. The light is on because you have disengaged the Overdrive. The button is on the shift lever on the side. Push that button to engage the overdrive.

Is the od light on 99 ford explorer supposed to be on or off?

Normally the overdrive is allowed so you will not see the light If you have shut off the overdrive the O/D OFF light will be lit up in your dash

What does it mean when the OD OFF light is blinking while OD is engaged?

There is a problem with the Overdrive. Seek professional help.

What does OD on dash of 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee Mean when it's on?

It means that the over drive is turned off.

What is the od off light mean?

the over drive is off. On some cars, it stays on automatically and when you press a button , it will turn it off light up that light.

What does a flashing OD off light mean on a ford mustang?

A malfunction has been detected