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its your engine management light, you need to take the car to an auto electrician and get him to plug it in and tell you what the problem is, its common on veccys there are too many stupid sensors.

it must be a massive problem all through the vauxhall range my partner just bought a sreg corsa breeze same orange light comes on at 60 mph,i read a hundred e-mails from people with the same problem,had a diagnostic check they say cant find any fault but it still happens no further forward.

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What does the orange light on the dashboard with lightning bolt through an engine block on a vauxhall vectra p reg mean?

Engine management light on....needs to go to a vauxhall garage or local garage to be plugged into diagnostic centre then you will know whats wrong with it...

What does the orange light on the dashboard with a lightning bolt through it on a vauxhall corsa 1.2 sxi 1999 mean?

That your brakepads are lose but I rang this number 07885203889 and it was a fault with the car they tell you how to turn the light off

Why is there a orange light with a engine and a lightning strike symbol on your dashboard?

It means you need to check your engine

What does the orange light on the dashboard of a Vauxhall Astra mean with a car and a slippery road?

its your abs brake light coming on it stops car skidding on wet roads

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What does the orange light on the dashboard of a vauxhall astra mean with a car and spanner?

this can be said to be as aresult of has reached the servicing period due the weakness of the engine oil this can be said to be as aresult of has reached the servicing period due the weakness of the engine oil

What is square orange light on dashboard ford focus?


What does orange spanner signify on a cars dashboard?

Needs a service

Orange light in Renault Laguna dashboard?

its the tyre pressure sensor

What does the orange indicator light in the dashboard of a 1999 Toyota Camry mean?

ABS, check engine.

What is the orange engine light mean on vauxhall astra 1.6 2002?

on an earlier model it meant problems with ECU

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On the dashboard of your BMW 325i a light came on the symbol is orange exclamation in a round zigzag mark?


Why is the orange sign with a star at the center appear on the dashboard of my opel astra coupe?

It meansthe road is iced.

How do you change dashboard lights from orange to blue in my 05 Peugeot 206cc?

Changing the dashboard lights from orange to blue in an 05 Peugeot 206cc is rather easy. Make sure you have the blue lights ready. Simply lift the hood of your car and unscrew the lights from behind, and replace them.

What do Volvo dashboard lights mean?

orange light with car and 2 wiggle lines at back of it. it always stays on

What does the orange warning light mean on your dashboard ford fiesta LX 2003?

its the e c u light .

A list of vauxhall vectra warning lights a warning light on my y plate 1.8ls vauxhall vectra is constantly on its orange and is a circle with a serated line either side what does this mean....?

its the light to say the traction control is turned off

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Orange warning light with lines either side on vauxhall vectra?

most probaily( breaks ) some thing to do with worn pads or discs

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