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What does the phrase chief cook and bottle washer mean?

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The phrase refers to someone who does almost everything. This includes household duties, taking care of an invalid spouse, running several social networks on the Web, running errands, doing correspondence, doing cooking, cleaning the kitchen, cleaning the bathroom, and...... the remaining two hours left in the day, taking a well-deserved nap

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My Dad used this term quite often and it seems to be a "phrase" from that Generation....WWII vets. I always thought he was referring to a Chief Cook and Bottle washer...meaning both jobs applied. I originally thought the term was "Chief Cook and bottleneck washer", but when researching, could not find the bottleneck included. I was checking because I wondered if perhaps the bottleneck referred to a beer bottle!

Everything Specialist <><><><> Chief Cook and Bottle Washer, or General Factotum.

The "chief cook" in a kitchen is the "head chef" (French Chef de cuisine).

Jacob Wasbie became the first Chief Petty Officer when he was promoted to "Chief Cook".

no the correct spelling is chef

A cook or chief is considered vocational education and only requires 6 months to a year of schooling, but you can become a cook or chief without any schooling as long as you can cook. College is not needed.

While it is theoretically possible to cook turkey in a dishwasher, it is not recommended, particularly if the turkey is raw and has not been pre-cooked.

A CORK stopper is a plug for a bottle made of cork

James Cook (not yet a Captain, but a Lieutenant) was joined on his voyage by a Tahitian chief named Tupaia, who wanted to travel, together with his boy-servant Tayeto.

sometimes she has no time so the chief does it

Hostess, Waitress, Bartender, and Chief cook

Cook, dish washer, bus boy, janitor, cashier.

The verb phrase would be two words "to cook out" meaning to cook outdoors. The noun is one word "cookout" meaning an outdoor meal or party.

There are many ranks on a sailing ship. Some of these include: the captain master, chief officer, able seaman, chief engineer, and chief cook.

They save crops in a big cellar and cook them when they need it .

I have dried shirts in microwave ovens but never ocurred to me I can cook a hotdog in a washer machine

if you mean by throwing a fire bottle at a chicken, then yes

A chef is typically the head of the kitchen or a station in the kitchen. Chef is the french word for chief. A cook is some one who cooks on the line. A cook, cooks to live. A chef, lives to cook.

Spongebob S. Squarepants(fry cook|server|cleaner|dish washer) Squidward Q. Tentacles(cashier|cleaner|dish washer) Eugene H. Krabs(owner|founder)

Yes fire it is a cooking phrase often used on hell's kitchen. It means to heat it or cook it by using a stove or oven.

Here are some sentences.She gratefully ate her dinner.The refugees gratefully accepted shelter.

Steve Jobs is the CEO of Apple but while he is taking medical leave Timothy Cook (Apple's COO) is acting Chief Executive Officer.

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