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It means you know how to irratate and make the person who said that to you, mad or upset.

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What does the phrase by heart mean?

To know something by heart usually means by memory which would really be by brain.

What does the phrase with that being said mean?

If you know what I mean.

What do they mean by the phrase Where was your favorite job?

They want to know where you felt most comfortable and determined. They really want to know where you had the most fun working at and what kind of job it was.

What does the phrase Renaissance Man really mean?


What does the phrase your heart sank mean?

Doesnt it mean like your sad or really excited.... I don't know that's why I asked the question not to answer the question...someone tell me

What does the phrase as hungry as a bear mean?

The phrase 'hungry as a bear' means that you are really, very hungry.

What is the meaning of the phrase Its not what you know today but who you know?

What dose it mean It's not what you but who you know

That's no lady that's my wife. What comedian originated this phrase?

It really doesnt matter..I mean noody cares EXCEPT you!!! So that's your answer..if you want a true answer go to a different serch engine (like Google)...I mean one person cant know everything...i mean I would hate to know everything cause you would get called a NERD!!!No person can know everything but he can know everything about popular culture. Also, I really want to know the origin of the phrase as we..

What does the phrase get real mean?

think of what could really happen

What does the phrase as fast as a cheetah mean?

it means your really fast

What does the phrase 'you don't say' mean?

It means, "really?"

What does phrase bang your head against the wall mean?

really angry

What does the phrase saper vedere mean?

Saper Vedere = to know how to seeTo know how to see.

What does the Iota Phi Theta phrase-acronym LIPTTDID mean?

If you really want to know, ask a member of Iota Phi Theta Fraternity, Inc.

What does the quote if you know what you know and don't know you really know mean?

"If you know what you know and don't know you really know" basically means if you can accurately assess your own knowledge, then you are on the way to true understanding. The repetitive usage of the word "know" makes this a tricky phrase. Another way to say the same thing might be, "If you understand what you know and what you're clueless about, then you are on the way to enlightenment."

What does the phrase crow's nest mean?

It just means really messy I guess.

What are the 5 kinds of idiomatic expression?

I really don't know what you mean by Five Kinds ... the word "idiom" simply means a phrase that cannot be understood as spoken because it has come to mean something besides what it appears to mean.

Is there a fear of belly buttons unraveling?

If you mean is there a danger of belly button (navels) unravelling then no. If you mean is there a phobia name for it then probably. The name of a fear of belly buttons is omphalophobia. I have this phobia, but I don't know anybody else with it.

What does the phrase to buy something for sweetie money mean?

I don't really know what it means, but i think you should go on the slang dictionary on DOGPILE.COM or GOOGLE.COM and look it up. (they know all slang stuff)

In dance what does phrase mean?

i wanna know what phrasing means in dance

The phrase grandstanding what does it mean?

i dont know ask someone else

What does the phrase building a bridge mean?

it means to get over it.

What does 'to get your goat ' mean?

It means to make you angry. It's a fairly old idiom - most people nowadays use the phrase "to push your buttons."

Why do girls say they love you when they don't really mean it?

When a girl says she loves you, and you KNOW she doesn't mean it, it is probably because she wants something from you. The phrase 'I love you' is not uncommonly used as a method of manipulation, and although stereotypically it is the guy who abuses this phrase don't think for a second that a girl is above it.

What does the blue moon represent?

The phrase "once in a blue moon" used to mean that something was fairly rare, and we don't really know where the phrase came from. It has come to mean the second full moon in a calendar month, which isn't particularly rare; it happens, on average, every other year.

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