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What does the power of the media mean?


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Yes as people have been crushed by the media take Jordan for example.


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He Absolutely does have more power than the Media.

True, the media is sometimes referred to as the fourth estate.

what do we mean by Media and culture?

The Spanish word "media" is used for "mean"; for example, the "media aritmética" is the "arithmetic mean" (also known as average). "Media" alone would simply mean "average".

what do you mean? I would say yes. The main types of culture media are Enriched media Differential media Selective media Characterisation media.

Wire is the media to carry or conduct the power

Media means half, as in half of something.

Evaluating media messages is to see how good, useful or successful media messages can be.

An intense campaign: a media blitz focused on young voters.

It depends what you mean by the media. If you include newspapers, several hundred years.

media is one of the keywords in art or shall i say creativity

The style in which a media institution communicates with it's audience.

Any media that's put into a code in a computer format .

the media outlets that cover and report on the news.

In my opinion that would be the media; in particular, the broadcast media. Those that believe that the government or the people in government are the answer must take into consideration that so much of the media is delivering opinion rather than news. We don't get to hear what government officials are actually doing only what a particular media person or media group wants us to think they are doing. That power trumps the power of the government.

In terms of the media, the term ideology refers to the ideas that the media is presenting to the public. The ideology of particular media outlets can be different if they have a certain bias.

yes The media is mean and nasty with britney spears. they should leave her alone. she does whatever she wants to do....just let her do that. Yes the media is mean but just let Britney have her own life

Advertising media is the channel a company uses to get their advertising to customers. Television and radio are some examples of advertising media.

the number in the middle

Wire is media to conduct or carry the power from one spot to other

it means that no other media can go into your phone because media is all ready full with stuff

I have heard that there is no stupid questions, only stupid answers... But still... What kind of media do you refer to? I think it could, but it occurs unclear to me what you mean by "media" and "technology" Whatever you mean by media, I am sure that it could exist without English.

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