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What does the raven represent in mythology or legends?

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Who does the speaker say sent the raven and what does it represent in the poem The Raven?

the raven represent dispair and regret

Of the following choices, which does the raven come to represent for the speaker?

The raven represents hopelessness

What does the raven come to represent in The Raven?

the man wife

Is the twilight series mythology?

No, it is not mythology. It is fiction, based on aspects of legends.

Is there such thing as a werefox in mythology and legends?

Yes, there is a thing like werefox in the mythology and legends. Can you please tell me more? What culture(s) has/have legends about werefoxes? Are there any specific legends you can tell me? At least give me a link to a website where I can find out more!

What symbol in mythology does the raven stand for?

The Raven is considered in most Native American mythology as a trickster and a creating god. It is said that the Raven also helped the Norse god Oden to find out information on the world of both the living and the dead.

What does a raven represent on a totem pole?

A Raven represents magic, Knowledge, and creation.

What does the raven represent in the Raven by Edgar Allan Poe?

It represents lost love and death.

What has the author Eoin Neeson written?

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What do mythology legends and science fiction have in common?

Part Truth.

Who would own the copyright of folk tales mythology and legends?

You can produce a book of folk tales, mythology and legends and copyright the book. You cannot copyright the story itself, only your version of it.

What has the author William Reid written?

William Reid has written: 'The Haida legend of the raven and the first humans' -- subject(s): Legends, Haida Indians, Indians of North America 'The raven steals the light' -- subject(s): Folklore, Haida Indians, Tales, Haida mythology, Indians of North America

Why does beast boy call Raven mama?

I have no idea who Beast Boy is, but in Northern native mythology Raven is the creator.

What is geek mythology?

The Mythology of Geeks :-) I think you might mean Greek Mythology which is myths and legends about Greek Gods and warriors. They might be true but it is unlikely.

What does a raven tattoo symbolize?

The raven in Norse mythology stands for 'thought' and 'memory'; Odin had one on each shoulder, Hugin and Mugin.

Who was the first woman in earth according to the legends of Greek mythology?

The answer is Pandora.

What Gaea and Pandora represent in the Greek mythology?

gaea and pandora represent math

What is the Greek mythology symbol?

There is no "greek mythology symbol". There are only many symbols that represent things related to Greek Mythology.

Who are some of the more obscure trickster gods other then Loki Anasi Raven Coyote?

Eshu in Yaruba Mythology or Wakdjunga in Winnebago mythology

Who are the elves?

In mythology, boy faeries. Famous Christmas legends, Santa helpers.

Does America have mythology?

Yes, the Native Americans have their own set of Myths and Legends.

What has the author Richard S Lambert written?

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What is mythology?

Dictionary: the body of stories associated with a culture or institution or person. ---- Technically speaking, "mythology" is a collection of stories that serve as explanations of the workings of the world, but it has come to mean the historical legends and folklore of a society, including creation and gods. The term is usually applied to the gods and goddesses such as "Greek Mythology", or "Norse mythology." Mythology consists of legends or stories that provide a common system of beliefs. The Greeks worshipped the gods of their mythology.

What has the author Veronica Ions written?

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What has the author John Lindow written?

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