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It means "good morning."

And nobody in Ireland says it, unless they are making fun of an American.

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Q: What does the saying Top of the Morning mean?
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Where did the saying top of the morning come from?

It is an old Irish saying for "Good Morning," but it usually means the Top of The Morning is dawn. (The actual saying was Top o' the mornin'- an Irish accent.)To which you should reply... and the balance of the day to you!

What is the meaning of Top of the day to you?

"Top of the morning to you" is an Irish saying that means " I wish the best of the morning to you." or to have a good morning. The proper response would be "and the rest of the day to you".

If you hear top of the morning to you what do you say back?

The phrase top of the morning to you is an old fashion way of saying good morning. If someone says this, you would simply reply good morning.

What does Barr an mhaidin a thabhairt duit mean in English?

Top of the morning to you!

What does it mean when a guy texts you saying good morning lovely?

he wants to throw a potato at you no he likes you

What does the saying top ten mean?

best 10 of that certain category

What does 'Top of the morning' mean?

It is another way to say "good morning," often associated with the Irish. When you wish someone the "Top of the Morning," you are wishing them the best part of the morning. To which they should reply, "and the balance of the day to you." This is wishing you a good rest of the day.

What does top of the mornin to ye mean?

Very simply it means A very good morning to you.

The top of the morning is not the end of the world?

The expression 'top of the morning' is just another way to say 'good morning'.

What is a three letter word for morning?

And the rest of the day to yourself

What did the saying mean on top of the gate in the book the night by Elie Wiesel?

Work makes freedom.

Why is the saying 'top of the morning' considered to be the best part of the morning?

It is a simple explanation really: at the top of the morning the sun has reached it's highest point and so is at it's warmest; the greeting "top of the morning" is used to convey "a warm" greeting.I am afraid I have to disagree "Top of the morning "is not Irish in origin its HollywoodI am in my fifties born bred and as we say back home butter in Ireland.I have never heard the expression used , I also checked with my father who is 87 years young he never heard it used either. If you did use it over there they would be laughing for days its simply not used.

What time is top of the morning?

The moment you wake up in the morning!

What is the traditional way of saying good morning in Australia?

Australians simply say "good morning".

What can you say instead of saying Good Morning?


Is saying morning to someone polite?

yes ,of course it is

What is the duration of Top o' the Morning film?

The duration of Top o' the Morning - film - is 1.67 hours.

Is it top of the mornin or top of the morning?

When spoken with an Irish accent, it generally sounds like Top o' ta Mornin ta ya. But the prase itself is top of the morning to you.

Is dawn morning a correct usage or not?

No it is not correct usage. Dawn is already referring to morning therefore you are saying morning twice. Stick with just dawn or just morning.

Why is it right to say on this particular morning and not in this particular morning?

Because morning isn't a thing lol, you can't be "in" it. You could try saying "during this particular morning" also.

What are some good ways to say good morning?

Top of the morning to you!

Is the saying when grass is dry at morning light look for clouds before the night true?

the answer to this is easy. it is not a true saying because the grass can be dry in morning alot and it wont rain.

How do you respond to top of the morning to you?

You don't! - - no one in Ireland ever says "Top of the morning to you" and wouldn't know what to say if you said it to them

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What do you Mean? The first few weeks? You can but usually eating is not top on the list with morning sickness.

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