What does the term 'SEABEE' mean?

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SEABEE is slang for C.B., or construction battalion.

the seabees were founded after the bombing of pearl harbor because of the number of civillian workers that were killed. during WWII seabees built large numbers of buildings and airstrips , but mostly in the pacific theater

today seabees are as important as they ever were and continue to serve as the ground pounders for the navy in many places around the world such as Iraq, Africa, south America, and Europe. the "bees" have done projects thought to be impossable such as when they built a nuclear power plant in the ARTIC coining one motto "the impossable only takes a little longer" Seabees arealso known for getting the job done at all cost and never giving up creating the latest motto "CAN DO, AND DONE"

PS:there are seven rates in the navy that come together to create the greatest fighting contruction force in the world.

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Q: What does the term 'SEABEE' mean?
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