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A wire splice is the joining of two or more wires together. Commonly this is done with an approved wire joining nut. All slices are to be made in junction boxes to prevent fire should the wire splice become unserviceable.

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Q: What does the term - wire splice - mean?
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What does a wire splice mean?

A wire splice is a specific type of connection between two wires that does not involve soldering.

How do you splice thermocouple wire?

One splice that would work is a western splice.

Can you splice solid copper wire to stranded copper wire?

Yes as long as you use an approved splice, such as a wire-nut.

Can you splice a small length of 16 gauge wire to 18 gauge wire for a repair?

Yes, you splice a small length of 16 gauge wire to 18 gauge wire for a repair.

Some pictures of common wire splices?

rat tail splice western union splice

What does splice mean in Japaneses?

splice is supuraisu

What is the difference between a joint and a splice?

Splice uses stranded wires while joint uses solid wire.

What is the procedure for splicing home service wires?

The electrical code states that any splice in a wire, the insulation over the splice has to be equal to or greater than the insulation on that of the rest of the wire. So what ever type of splice that you use make sure that you insulate it well.

How to connect two wires together?

You can solder them after using a western splice connection. You can use a mechanical butt splice and you can connect the wires together with a wire nut after twisting the wires together. All you have to remember is that the insulation of the splice has to be equal to the wire insulation or greater.

What does pulling the wire mean?

Pulling the wire is a South African term for masturbation.

What is a wire Lap Splice?

It is the same type as the western union splice, where the two wires are overlapping and wound back on the opposite conductor.

Can you splice 18 gauge wire and 12 gauge?

Try it see what happens... >:l Can you splice them? Yes. Should you splice them? No. It really all depends on what your over current protection is. If your #12 wire is on a 20 amp breaker, your #18 wire can melt and cause a fire without tripping the breaker. I do not know what is the amp rating of 18 gauge wire. -- Sparkfighter

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