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What does the term multiplexers mean?


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Multiplexer is an electronic term. A multiplexer combines input from several sources into one. Individuals familiar with electronic devices, how they work and how to configure them will know which multiplexer to use for which device and under what circumstances.

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types of multiplexers?

Data multiplexers came in two types: time division multiplexers (TDM) and statistical multiplexers (statmux)

32 multiplexers , each of size is 16 bits

sometimes we want to select one of two input nibbles,In this case we use nibble multiplexers.

Data multiplexers were employed to collect data from multiple stations and create a single, high-speed bit stream

Statmux is short for statistical multiplexers

The use of digital multiplexers is mainly on increasing the amount of data that a network can receive on a certain bandwidth and time. It is also called the data selector.

A VHDL program for 64 to 1 multiplexer using four 4 to 1 multiplexers is not possible, as four 4 to 1 multiplexers provide only 16 inputs, only 1/4 of what is needed.

Multiplexer is a device that will select one input and put it through. De- multiplexers will take one signal and broadcast to many devices. Encoder will take a signal and code it with information specific to an application. Decoder will extract the encoded signal to restore in its original form

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Yes. Any basic gate's Boolean expression can be implemented using a 2:1 multiplexer and hence any combinational circuit can be implemented using only multiplexers.

It is the enable line. Used to enable the multiplexer to function. For low enable multiplexers, strobe is set to 0 to enable the multiplexer whereas in high enable multiplexers, it is set 1 to enable the multiplexer.

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