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It is a digital cable tuner that uses a card instead of a cable set top box. The FCC approved an industry agreed upon standard for digital cable ready TVs. The standard will let consumers view digital and hi-def programs on their TV without a set-top box. All customers will need is a

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Q: What does the term quam have to do with cable tv?
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What is a cable guy?

A cable guy is a slang term for a person who works for the cable television services and installs cable television.

What is the technical term for a kind of cable that carries a TV signal?


Technical term for the kind of cable that carries a tv signal?

Coaxial :)

What meaning is the latin term non quam diu?

Not for how long.

What is an RF input?

An RF (Radio Frequency) input is the technical term for a coaxial/antenna input on the back of a television. This input is often referred to as simply 'cable' or 'cable vision'.

What cable connects TV to cable box?

A Cable box and TV are connected together through a RF cable.

Is a black and white tv cable ready or not?

does someone pay you to post stoopid questions, here. answer to question: the term cable-ready is a metaphor. technically, a device is cable-ready if it has co-axial connectivity, HOWEVER, where tv access is via cable, a cable BOX will Always be REQUIRED. type tv is not an issue.

Do I need to have cable tv to have the cable company be my ISP?

You will need to have the internet thru your cable company but not cable tv service.

Free cable TV?

Cable TV is almost always a commercial service for which a subscription is required. Free cable service, if it's offered, is normally a short term offer with a subscription required in the future. There are a number of free Internet based streaming services available as an alternative.

What's the technical term for the kind of cable the that carries a TV signal?

Coaxial? 75Ohm Type "F" Connector RG54

Cable Television?

form_title=Cable Television form_header=Watch all of your favorite shows on cable with a cable tv service! Do you want basic or extended service?= [] Basic [] Extended [] Not Sure How many televisions do you have?= {(),1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10} When would you like your cable installed?=_ Do you currently have a cable TV provider?= () Yes () No

Which cable companies in Canada offer TV bundles?

There are various cable companies in Canada that offer TV bundle packages. Some of the cable companies that offer bundles are Cable Cable and Coast Cable.

What is a cable jack?

A cable jack is a jack on a wall used to connect a television to cable television services.

How does cable TVs work?

By connecting transmitting cable to TV

Do you need cable for satelllite tv?

If you are asking if you need to have cable television, at the same time, then the answer is NO! But, you DO need a cable connecting the satellite to your television.

Is cable TV cable the same as the cable for satellite dish cable?

Yes, the same shielded coax cable is used for satellite dish and cable.

Do you need to have cable TV to get cable internet?


That cable has nothing to do with laptops or TV.?

That cable has nothing to do with laptops or TV.

What was the cause and effect of cable television?

There are many causes and effects of cable television. These causes and effects of cable television include entertainment and laziness.

How can one watch cable tv over the internet?

You can watch cable tv by purchasing a router from your cable company or local store. You hook the cable up to your tv and then you hook it up to your laptop.

Where can one get a Cable Box?

If an individual needs a cable box to view cable show programs, the individual needs to contact their cable television provider. Cable boxes are typically furnished by the cable television provider, and are specifically programmed to the providers channels. A person may purchase cable boxes from eBay and Amazon, but they may not work properly with the current cable television service of the individual.

How do you get cable tv?

by contacting your local cable provider

What is the difference between Dish Network and cable network?

cable tv is expensive cable tv has a fixed number of transmitted signals with cable tv, the number of channels lowers the quality of picture and sounds cable tv is expensive

Where can cable television be viewed online?

You can watch cable television online at websites such as Cable One. You can find individual shows from cable networks on streaming websites such as Hulu and Netflix.

How do you get guide on cable TV?

There should be a guide button on your Cable TV remote.