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Q: What does the vegetation in a tropical rainforestinclude mostly?
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What kind of vegetation is in a tropical rainforest?

mostly tall trees, shrubs, vines, tropical fruits, and tropical flowers

Vegetation in the tropical climates is?

vegetation in the tropical climates is?

What is the vegetation in tropical climates?

The vegetation varies:- Tropical Rain forest Cloud Forrest Savanna grasslands are all types of vegetation cover in tropical climates.

What is the tropical vegetation?


Is the vegetation in Honduras a desert or tropical?

Honduras is a tropical country.

What is the difference between a tropical rainforest and a woodland forest?

a tropical rain forest is hot and humid with more vegetation while a woodland forest is cooler with mostly trees and bushes

Vegetation in a tropical climate is?


What is the vegetation type of Singapore?


What are the types of vegetation found in India?

The following are the major types of vegetation identified in our country: (a) Tropical Evergreen Forests or Tropical Rain Forest (b) Tropical Deciduous Forests or Tropical Monsoon vegetation (c) Tropical Thorn Forests and Scrubs (d) Mountain Forests or Himalayan Vegetation (e) Mangrove Forests (f) Semi-deciduous forests or grasslands / Desert Vegetation

What is the vegetation region of peaches?

the vegetation region is tropical grass land

What is the number one vegetation in Brazil?

The vegetation in Brazil is the Tropical Rainforest.

What is a land densely covered by tropical vegetation called?

A land densely covered by tropical vegetation is a jungle or rain forest.

What is vegetation in the tropical climate?

mixed forest

What is the vegetation for the tropical marine climate?


What is the vegetation of the tropical rainforest?

Plants and trees

What is the vegetation of tropical rain forest?


What is the vegetation of banyan tree?

tropical rainforest

What vegetation is typical of Central Africa?

The typical vegetation of central Africa is Tropical savanna.

To which types of vegetation does rubber belong to?

rubber belong to tropical evergreen forest vegetation

What vegetation exist in the tropical savanna?

Grass, shrubs and bushes are usually the only vegetation that exists in the tropical savannah. Tropical savannahs can be found in Africa, Australia and parts of South America.

Different types of vegetation in India?

The different types of vegetation found in India are as follows: (i)Tropical Rain Forests (ii)Tropical Deciduous Forests (iii)Thorny Bushes (iv)Mountain Vegetation (v)Mangrove Vegetation

Which are the major vegetation types found on Earth?

Geographically- 1. Temperate, 2. Sub-tropical and 3. Tropical vegetation Ecologically- 1. Mesophytic, 2. Xerophytic and 3. Hydrophytic vegetation

What is the vegetation like in north africa?

arid ,Mediterranean, semiarid, tropical wet, highlands,and tropical wet and dry theses are the vegetation in north Africa.

What is the vegetation of tropical rainforest?

Vegetation of tropical rainforests has four canopies-Trees, shrubs, undershrubs and herbs. Ther are plenty of lianas also in between.

What is the vegetation cover of South Korea?

Tropical rainforest