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adj. Lacking adult maturity or experience; immature: a callow young man.

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The word "Callow" is an adjective that describes someone lacking maturity or sophistication. The word "callowness" is a noun form of the word.

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Q: What does the word callow mean?
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What is the latin word for callow?

Callow = implumis

What is a sentence for the word callow?

The woman was callow.

Make a sentence with the word callow?

My friend Mike is callow, he behaves like an infant child.

Can you give me a sentence with the word callow?

Paris Hilton is callow and shallow, and probably has never had to work a day in her life.

What is a 6 letter word meaning naive and simplistic?


What is a callow?

A callow is an unfledged young bird.

Callow in a sentence?

To be callow is to be young and inexperienced. An example sentence would be: He was very embarrassed by how callow he is.

What is the birth name of Ridgeway Callow?

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What is the birth name of Simon Callow?

Simon Callow's birth name is Simon Phillip Hugh Callow.

Can you put the word callow in a sentence?

Callow is an adjective to describe an immature or inexperienced person; untried, naive, puerile, jejune; or a featherless or unfledged bird. Example sentence:You shouldn't mind his clumsiness in asking for a date, he's still a callow young man.

Sentence with callow?

The definition of callow is immature and inexperienced. Next to the seasoned members of the company, he was just a callow youth.

When was John Callow born?

John Callow was born in 1822.