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Q: What does this Greek Phrase I zwh mas mia volta mean colloquially?
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What does the Greek phrase omorphia mean?


What does the greek 'volta' mean?

βόλτα = a stroll, a walk but it can also mean simply going out Πάμε βόλτα = Let's go out/Let's go for a stroll

What does the Greek phrase POU TO PAS mean?

Where are you going

What does alpha rex mean?

Alpha rex means the first letter of the greek alphabet, alpha, and the ending part of the dinosaur, rex. Alpha is the first letter of the Greek alphabet, but is colloquially accepted as representing the first of something. REX is Latin for King. So a literal translation of the phrase Alpha Rex would be "First King".

What does the greek phrase Kai emena mou eleipses mean?

'& me i missed you'

Does po po mean anything in Greek?

No, "po po" does not have a specific meaning in Greek. It is not a Greek word or phrase.

What does sht's about to go down mean?

This phrase is colloquially used to indicate that a major or significant event is about to occur. It suggests that there will be intense or dramatic action happening soon.

What does the Greek phrase -thumamai omorfia- mean?

thimamai omorfia= i remember beautiful

What does the Greek phrase then ine toso poli mean in English?

The Greek phrase "then ine toso poli" translates to "that is not so much" in English.

What does chara tal mean?

"Chara tal" is a Malayalam phrase that roughly translates to "character standing." It is used colloquially to refer to a person who has a strong or distinct personality, often with positive connotations.

What does the greek phrase Nasuzisi mean?

Congratulations ANSWER: It is used as a phrase of congratulations on the birth or baptism of a child. It literally means, "may he live for you."

What do historians mean by the phrase the age of pericles?

It refers to the Greek mythological term of happiness