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In both health and social care, human life value is of prime importance. Demographic change in population, change in living standards etc. play pivotal role in assessing human life value which have great impact on both health and social care system of a society and country as a whole.

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Q: What does value mean in health and social care?
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What does national provision of health and social care mean?

National provision of health and social care refers to the government or a national authority being responsible for organizing and delivering healthcare services and social support to its citizens. This can include funding, planning, and regulating a range of services to ensure that all individuals have access to necessary care regardless of their financial situation.

What does labeling mean in relation to health and social care?

giving people labels,negative ones. it is unprofessional and different levels/ standards of health and social care can be given to particular individuals

What does Jargon mean in health and social care?

Jargon is language specialized for a certain industry or field.

What does inclusion mean in a health and social care?

It means a sense of connectedness. Social inclusion fosters an allegiance and requires a paradigm shift.In health, inclusion enhances the mental and physical well being and in social care it reaffirms the differences of all. It creates healthy community.

What does inclusion mean in health and social care?

Small particles of matter found in cells infected with certain viruses

What does stereotyping mean in health and social care?

labelling something or someone without knowledge holding an irrational belief

What does individuality mean in health and social care?

respecting individuality

What does duty of care mean in health and social care settings?

Duty of care, in any setting, is the level of service that is expected, as a minimum, to be provided.In health care and social care, this may include:act in the best interests of individualsdo not act or fail to act in a way that could cause harmalways act within your own competence and do not do something which you can not do safely

What does confidentiality mean in terms of health and social care?

It means not sharing the private matters which others entrust you with as part of caring for them.

What does care provider mean?

what does a health care provider means to you

What does realising potential mean in health and social care?

It's an individuals right to achieve all that they can and to make the most of their life and full use of resources.

What does example mean?

integrated health care