What does veins means?

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Veins are a parts of the circulatory system of the body that carry blood to the heart.

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Q: What does veins means?
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Related questions

Visible veins in breast?

Visible veins in the breast simply means you are experiencing engorgement.

What term means enlarged dilated swollen veins usually in the legs?

Varicose veins.

What is the medical term meaning without veins?

Avenous means without veins

What is 'Your blood runs through my veins' in Latin?

The Latin equivalent of the English statement 'Your blood runs through my veins' is Sanguis tuis currit in venis meis. In the word-by-word translation, the noun 'sanguis' means 'blood'. The possessive adjective 'tuis' means 'your'. The verb 'currit' means '[he/she/it] does run, is running, runs'. The preposition 'in' means 'in'. The noun 'venis' means 'veins'. The possessive adjective 'meis' means 'my'.

What does venous mean?

Venous means coming from veins

What is a sclerotic vein?

The term means "hardening" of the veins.

Is venous a noun?

No. It is an adjective. It means relating to veins.

Name the four pulmonary veins?

the name pulmonary means lungs.. veins take blood away from the heart.. and yes there are four.. two are the left pulmonary veins.. two are the right pulmonary veins.. they are not named separately except for the right/left part..

Is it true when you visibly see some one's veins through their skin it means they lost their virginity?

No. Many babies are born with visible veins.

If your veins pop out is that bad?

My veins pop out as well it means you either have low body fat or if your muscle is more than the fat in that area

Why are brachiocephalic veins called innominate veins?

because at the beginning they didn't know what to name it, so they named it innominate which means nameless or without a name.

Do all penis's have veins pop out on them?

Penises become hard by inflating the organ with blood. This means that when large the veins in the penis are visible in may cases.

Is it bad if your veins pop out?

No its not bad if your veins pop out. Its actually really good for your body. It just means that , that part of your body has ... well blood.

How do you explain the differences in the thickness of the walls in arteries and veins?

The more pressure it uses, the thicker the walls will be. Veins have very low pressure which means they have thin walls and vice/versa for arteries which have a higher pressure and thicker walls than veins.

What is a knot if varicose veins in one side of the scrotum?

means you got problems homie

What is the pattern of the veins of a dicot leaf?

Reticulated venation. This means somewhat web shaped.

What does it mean if your veins bulge out?

it means there is alot of presure in that certain area or ur old

Are veins called capacitance vessels?

yes - it means that they store/hold a lot of blood.

Does Hepatic veins have echogenic walls you know they have anechoic layers?

Hepatic veins do not have echogenic walls. Anechoic means not having or not producing echoes. The hepatic vein carries blood from the liver.

Why are the layers of the arteries differ from the layers of veins?

Because veins and arteries carry different things. Veins carry oxygen rich blood while arteries carry oxygen poor blood which means that beins might consist of more and tougher layers because of what is inside of it

Where does the lymph enter the cardiovascular system?

The lymph enters the circulatory system by means of the subclavian veins.

What is vasculitus?

It means an inflammatory destruction of blood vessels.Both veins and artieries are infected.

What does it mean when your veins hurt in your arms?

It means get the hell off the internet and go to the doctor. Now.

What does it mean when your veins pop out?

It means you have a lot of pressure towards that area. It all depends on your body. Nothing to worry about

What is the figurative meaning of the phrase 'concrete in your veins'?

It basically means the same thing as 'ice water in your veins' which means a hardened or cold heart. It may be a compliment if you have done something heroic that few would venture too or, it could mean you don't seem to care about other's misfortunes.