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What does via con dios mean?

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ich literally mean "go with god" but meant as "god be (go) with you".

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What does via condeos mean?

You mean "Vaya con Dios" means Go with God

Via con dios?

it's vaya con dios, meaning go with God.

How do you spell via co dios?

The correct spelling is: Vaya con dios

What does bios-con-dios mean?

"Vaya con Dios" is Spanish for "Go with God".

What does Bios con Dios mean?

"Bios con Dios" does not mean anything as "bios" is not a word in Spanish."Vaya con Dios" means "Go with God"

What does via con dios from spanish to English mean?

The correct spelling is; "Valla Con Dios" It means Go with God. Valla- Go Con - with Dios- God It's very popular when people are saying good bye, sort of like a blessing. You wish the other person luck in their journey

What is a Mexican blessing for departing?

Via con Dios: Go with God

What is con dios?

con= with----Dios=God

Which is the correct spelling in Spanish via con dios or vaya con dios or valla con dios?

The correct spelling is 'Vaya con dios.' The first one is pronounced 'vee ya' in Spanish. While the third one is phonetically correct, it is orthographically in error. 'Vaya' is the singular imperative tense of the verb 'ir' - to go.

What does adios se vaya con dios mean?

"Adios" = "Goodbye" "Vaya con Dios" = "Go with God" = "May the Lord be with you"

What does buena con dios mean?

Good with God.

What does vaya con dios mean?

it means "go with God"

What does con el favor de dios mean?

with Gods will

What does vamos con dios mean in English?

Go with God.

What does descansando con dios mean?

Resting with God/the Lord

What does Adios and vaya con dios mean?

goodbye and goodluck

What does vios con dios mean in English?

The phrase vios con dios is a popular Spanish saying. The phrase means go with god in the English language.

May god be with you in spanish?

Dios esté con vosotrosVaya con Dios

How do you say go with god in spanish?

vaya con Dios vaya con Dios

What does vaya con dios tรญo mean?

Go with God, uncle.

Go with God in Spanish?

ve con Dios - informal vaya con Dios - formal

What does actuate que dios esta con tigo mean in English?

...que dios esta contigo = that God is with you. Actuate??

What does Vi o con di yose mean?

the phrase is: Vaya con Dios, meaning "go with God"

What does 'vaya con dios' mean?

Goodbye and go with God

What does good willing mean in spanish?

con la voluntad del dios