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It is used to say that something has spread rapidly, and is popular.

I suppose the idea is that it is spreading like a virus - widely and rapidly.

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Q: What does viral mean on the internet?
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Does viral mean a million copies sold?

No viral means becoming very popular by circulating quickly from person to person, especially through the Internet.

What does it mean for something to go viral?

If something such as a video goes viral online, it is spreading out all over the internet. Very popular, lots of views, etc.

What does going viral mean in the internet world?

Viral means becoming extremely popular in a very short amount of time. Often for something to be considered viral it needs to make its way into everyday non-internet life. Mark Moloney is considered by many to be imminently viral as a result of his many video antics recorded during a recent visit to India which have recently been posted on YouTube.

Does yellow mucus mean its a bacterial or viral infection?

a viral infection

What does going viral mean?

"Going viral" can mean many things. Mostly, it usually means going public. As in, almost everyone.

What is the definition of 'viral marketing'?

Viral marketing is also called viral advertising. It is a means of using mouth-to-mouth communications like social networks to spread a company's or brand's message through the Internet or email.

What does non-viral mean?

cannot be transmitted

How do you go viral over the internet?

For something to become "viral" it must contain content delivered through social interaction that excites and engages others to repeat.

What does it mean when you have gold colored mucus?

You have a viral infection.

What is the meaning of a viral video?

A Viral Video is a video which gains viewings and notoriety rapidly as people share it and watch it repeatedly. There are many examples of viral videos now that youtube has come about on the internet as it allows people to share their videos easy and quickly.

What is the origin of the term 'viral' when talking about the Internet?

it means it spreds among people quicly, like a virus

What does the term go viral mean?

When some spreads quickly

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