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when are you going to learn here

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Q: What does wan lernst du hier means in German?
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Wan is du bist komt here?

Only "du bist" is correct German and means "You are." The rest is not, and makes no sense.

What do you mean by the term wan in computer?

WAN means Wide Area Network.the network which is spread across country or continent is called WAN.

What does wan mean does it mean decrease or increase?

In the term "waning Moon", "waning" is derived from "wane", not from"wan". It means decreasing.

What is the meaning of a young wan?

If you describe someone as 'wan' it means they appear tired or ill, lacking in energy or vitality, pale or feeble: 'We were shocked at her wan appearance following her illness'. You might also describe something as 'wan'; for example, 'The sky was overcast and the sunlight pale and wan'; 'Dim lighting can create a pleasant mood but used in the wrong way it can make a room look wan'.

Wo Kai wan xiao le?

I think it means "I'm joking"

What is wan define briefly?

It means to have an ashen or pale palor. To be lacking in enthusiasm.

Where can you find a wan hookup Schematic?

The letter WAN means Wide Area Network and basically means a network connection to a wide network, which is considered your ISP. It is a simple hookup, either modem to computer or modem to router to computer.

What does thai 'naa rak wan' means?

That sounds strange. It doesn't make any sense for me. I understand naa rak which means 'lovely' or 'cute.' For 'wan,' if a speaker pronounces it long, it can be 'sweet' (but never be put together with 'naa rak' likes this). But if a speaker pronounces 'wan' a little bit shorter, it turns to be 'day' instead. That's worse. Also, 'wan' can be a woman's name, too. However, you would put 'wan' before 'naa rak' if you want to compliment that person.

Is the internet a LAN or WAN?

WAN. LAN is a short range connection, WAN is wide range.

What does the term wag-wan?

it means taliban in jamaican language you know dat my brother sickkk or what

What does Kon bon wan mean?

I'm not sure if you mean 'Konbanwa' but that means Good evening.

What is the primary different between LAN and WAN?

LAN = Local Area Network (this is local, in your own computer network) WAN = Wide Area Network (this is wide, most of the time this means the internet)