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What does you mean if men like to wear diapers?


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March 07, 2012 11:12PM

sex and excretion happen in pretty much the same place, so there may be an association between the two. also, nappies symbolize innocence and cuteness. they may also make his butt look bigger.

Some men find a sexual connection to it. But on broad expanse of men who are diapered is cause it decreases stress, is physically comforting, and convenience.

Some guys don't like to have to stop and miss a game, movie, or a project they are working on. So add in the lack added stress and comfort can allow a man concentrate on what his doing. No that mostly just the one's known as Diaper Lovers or DL. Now the one's who are Adult Babies or AB which isn't exclusive to men, women enjoy it too. It is where one desires to play out and infant or toddler age with a partner being a parent figure. Some not all enjoy this with a Dominate/ passive role base. But the greater portion are just look for a platonic loving relationship. AB/DL's have been a part of society for the most of the expanse of human culture. Cause of the internet more and more are realizing they are not alone or weird as what family and friends can make them feel. Before these times. Most family's would relate that family member as being eccentric or impaired or make sure that no one would ever learn about that family member even to the point of thinking that this something should live with out regardless of how emotional connect the diapered person my have. Much like parents who think that their kid can be deprogrammed into being straight rather than gay cause the parents feel against it and see it as taboo and unnatural in their opinion much like racism in the early 1900 to 1960 where white people were revered as being the most worth while of races. It just what closed minded family and friends can cause one to feel wrong and depressed cause of being not excepted.