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What does your bakugan g-power based on it attributes mean in bakugan tradeing card game?


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July 04, 2010 8:47PM

Let's say your Gate or Ability Card has the following bonuses for the attributes on the card (unlike ability cards gate cards always have every attribute): Pyrus=100, Aquos=50, Sub Terra=0, Haos=90, Darkus=200, Ventus=80. Your Bakugan's printed G is 760 and it's attribute Ventus. If you roll your Bakugan and it lands on the card we're talking about it gets +80 g power. So now you've got 840 g. Whoevers G is higher wins the gate card, get three and you win the game. The Pyrus, Aquos, etc., etc., are the attributes. In the following it says what color each attribute normally is: Pyrus=red, Aquos=blue, Sub Terra=brown, Haos=white, Darkus=black, Ventus=green. On the card behind the g bonus is the color of the attribute so just in case you forget which is which. Oh I'd like to say that Pyrus is Fire, Aquos is Water, Subterra is Earth, Haos is Light, Darkus is Darkness, and Ventus is Wind.