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labs are amazing dogs...easy to train and good swimmers...try getting a chocolate lab the water doesnt sitck to their fur that much and as long as they get exercize and have a loving family they dont need a large backyard, just enough grass to go to the bathroom....they are large dogs with large hearts!! hope this helps you!

AnswerOne that is known for it's swimming ability. Not joke, you can find out this info from the AKC web site.

***This is a great tool for selecting the right dog breed.

just answer a few questions and it will tell you what breed is the best match for your family!

AnswerJust make sure that if the pool does not have a shallow end, the dog has some way to get out of the pool. Otherwise the pool should be fenced off to avoid accidental drowning, as you would for children.

Alternatively you could ensure that your dog is safe by getting him a dog life jacket which would keep a dog afloat in water, regardless of whether the dog can swim.


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