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Any drink that is not purified water. All soft drinks, fruit juices, teas, coffees, Alcoholic Beverages have some form of acid in it or another. Citric acid is found in most fruit juices and phosphoric acid in most soft drinks. They are not caustic or harmful to us because of the concentration of it in the drink.

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Q: What drinks contain acid?
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Related questions

Is soft drinks acid?

No. Soft drinks are acidic as they contain carbonic acid and often phosphoric acid.

What acids are in fizzy drinks?

Fizzy Drinks contain an acid called Carbonic Acid, this is what gives them their fizzyness!

Is soft drinks a acidic?

Yes, soft drinks contain carbonic acid and sometimes phosphoric acid.

Is soft drinks not acidic?

No. Soft drinks are acidic as they contain carbonic acid and often phosphoric acid.

Does soda water contain carbonic acid?

Yes. All fizzy drinks contain carbonic acid.

What kind of acid does soft drinks have?

Soft drinks can contain citric acid, phosphoric acid, carbonic acid (carbon dioxide dissolved in water).

What acid do fizzy drinks contain?

Phosphoric acid is added as a stabiliser and flavouring.

Which acids are found in drinks?

the soft drinks mostly contain carbonic acid along with citric acid and ascorbic acid in few cases.

Acid in fizzy drinks?

phosphoric acid is present in in pretty much all cola drinks, whilst fizzy orange and lemon drinks also contain citirc acid as well

Is there carbonic acid in root beer?

Yes. All fizzy drinks contain carbonic acid.

Does Sprite contain citric acid?

Yes , most fizzy drinks contain citric acid. ( The ingredients are on the back for further notice ) :) :)

Is phosphoric acid in all carbonated drinks?

In the sense that nothing can be absolutely pure... maybe.In the sense that it's a significant and deliberately included ingredient, no. Some carbonated drinks do contain phosphoric acid, but most do not.The acid that all carbonated drinks do contain is carbonic acid, since that (or more precisely the carbonate ion that it contains) is where the name "carbonated drinks" comes from.

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