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What eats ferrets?

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Ferrets (in the wild) are eaten by numerous Birds of Prey as well as carnivorous mammals.

Domestic ferrets possible predators would be hawks, owls, or any larger carnivorous mammals would hunt them given the opportunity.

Black-footed ferrets face threats in the wild from predators which includes coyotes, great-horned owls, golden eagles, prairie falcons, badgers, bobcats and foxes

Wild ferrets could very well be prey for birds of prey.

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What eats snakes in the dessert?

Ferrets do Ferrets in thw wild he snakes scorpions an birds ear snakes

Which ferret eats prairie dogs?

Black-footed ferrets

What eats the yellow eyed penguin?

Stoats dogs, cats and ferrets

Is it bad if a ferret eats chocolate?

Chocolate is toxic to ferrets, cats, and dogs

What animals or plants does a black footed ferret eats?

Black-Footed Ferrets eats ground squirrels, mice, birds, and insects.

What eats European robins?

animals that can catch them as in: cats, foxes,weselzels,ferrets, and frogs eat them animals that can catch them as in: cats, foxes,weselzels,ferrets, and frogs eat them

What eats the tui bird?

Possums, feral cats, rats, and ferrets eat tui birds.

Who eats prairie dogs?

Badgers, Hawks, Weasels, Owls, Foxes, Bobcats, Snakes, Coyotes, and Ferrets!:)

What eats kiwi birds?

Introduced animals such as dogs, cats, stoats and ferrets eat or just kill the kiwi.

What is the black footed ferrets role in the ecosystem?

it eats prarie dogs it was used in ww2 to help kill the jews

What reptile eats black-footed ferrets?

I would be really curious to know. I have had several ferrets that I have used for hunting. And I have seen ferrets kill a few poisonous snakes. Likewise, I have seen poisonous snakes kill ferrets. I do not see any lizard killing a ferret. So I am guessing a Western Diamond Back rattle snake.

What will milk do to a ferret?

Ferrets are lactose intolerant and should not be given dairy products. If a ferret eats or drinks enough dairy it can lead to stomach upsets such as bloating, vomiting and diahrreah.

Does a ferret eat large amounts of food?

No, a ferrets only eats what it needs. Ferrets eat about every 4 hours, as they have a rapid digestive system. They need to have food and water available at all times.

What are ferrets bred with?

Ferrets are only bred with other ferrets

What is the collective term for a group of ferrets?

The collective term for a group of ferrets is a "a business of ferrets" or "a cast of ferrets".

What happens to a ferret if it eats a hamster?

It stops being hungry for a while. Nothing, ferrets are carnivores (meat eaters) and perceive rodents as prey

Are panda ferrets smaller then other ferrets?

Panda ferrets the same as other ferrets, just the coloring is different.

Are ferrets threatened?

No, ferrets are not threatened.

Do ferrets have a ribcage?

Ferrets do have a ribcage

Do ferrets teeth?

No. Ferrets ear.

Where do ferrets hibernate?

Ferrets do not hibernate.

How do cats get along with ferrets?

It depends on the ferrets and cats. My ferrets try to kill my cats and my cats are terrified of my ferrets. But my dogs and ferrets play together. My rabbit and ferret fight though,

What is The plural of ferret?

The plural for ferret is ferrets but a group of ferrets is called a "business" of ferrets.

Where do ferrets live and not as pets?

Wild ferrets - European polecat ferrets live in Europe. Black Footed ferrets live in North America.

Do ferrets eat small or large amounts of food?

A ferret eats neither large or small amounts of food, they only eat what they need about every three to four hours. As ferrets can weigh between 1 to 4 lbs, the amount they eat can widely vary.

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