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What education do i need do be a dance teacher?


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you need to have experince

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The knowledge of dance arts and history and culture.

nope! Just experience. some dance education background is good though

A dance teacher does not need a degree, but a degree will help the teacher to get a better job.

pretty much if you are good at choreographing then you can be a dance teacher but you need to know all the names of the jumps and turns and all that stuff and be sure that you prob will have to put in extra time

what education need to have a teachers art

A bachelors degree in education

what types of colleges is for preschool teacher

there are no official education requirements, however, a dancing background and teacher training will be a key to GETTING the job, and being a GOOD dance instructor.

they need education to explain stuff to the students

Yes. Without education, they will not know about what they are teaching.

At minimum, you will need a Bachelor's degree. It is preferable to have a degree with a concentration in education.

You need to become a teacher, maybe major in bilingual studies

you be graceful in dancing and flexible

dance (movement) or sport? i dont think it matters.

To become a kindergarten teacher you need to take classes in education. You should be an education major if you plan to become a teacher. You will also have to take communication classes.

== this answer does not have enough information for my project

you need at least a bachelors degree from a good teacher education program.

I think you do but it depends on what kind of teacher but i believe you do

For the most part special education teachers earn about the same as a regular teacher. You can actually be an assistant special education teacher without a degree but if you want to be a teacher you need a bachelors in special education.

If you want to become a teacher, you need to have a bachelor's degree. You also need to have a teaching certificate.

Bachelors Degree and cirtification to teach

The duties of a dance teacher is teaching people how to dance FROM MY POINT OF VIEW

first you have to go to school for coriogrify and have a degree and a good background

To become a teacher, you need a minimum of a bachelor's degree in education. If you wish to specialize in a certain subject area, you can incorporate that into your college program. After completing formal education, you will need to pass a licensing exam.

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