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high school diploma or GED


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can i join Indian army after completing 12th education

Yes MBA students can join army through army education core

Can we join indian ARMY Education core after completing + B.ed,

US army accepts new recruits with high school or equivalent education. Yes you can join army with your high school diploma.

high school education and pass a physical

Gay people with spouses and partners are allowed join the army. So no discussion is necessary at this time.

Aliens with documents can join the US army. (They are not illegal if they have documents.) Undocumented aliens are the illegal ones. They would not have the necessary documents to enlist.

i am not sure but i think for it is compulsry to have 16yrs of education.

You can join the army if you have herpes.

You can join the army if you have herpes.

to join the army none hence the name jarhead head is empty like a jar

first join the army then work you rway - you need to have education as well

can you join the Army if you have ben made Bankrupt

Yes, girls can join the army!!

Join the Army was created in 1987-01.

You may not be able to join the regular Indian Army, but you can join the territorial army wing of the Indian Army

Children do not join the US Army. There is an exception for someone 17.5 years old to join the Army, with parental consent.

Short answer, No you do not have to join the army after you finish cadets.

No, you can still join the Army at 36

18 to join the army.17 to join the navy

it depends because if you are joining the u.s army you should be amircan but if ur canadain you should join the canadain army Edit: you don't necessary have to have the citizenship of the land whose Army you're joining. Still applies to U.S. Army, you just can't become an Officer

Inorder to join either army you must be a valid citizen

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