What education or training do you need to become a fashion designer?

Courses and Levels of Education

To become a fashion designer, you must be extraordinarily artistic and creative. Some classes to take would be math, art, English, business, speech, and sewing. As for education, graduation from a high school or college that provides specialized training in fashion designing is recommended. In California, students may obtain a Bachelor of Arts or a Bachelor of Science degree with a major in art and specialization in costume design at accredited colleges or universities.

Fashion designing is one of the most glamorous and creative career options today. But here it is important that if you have artistic talent and high level of creativity then you should choose fashion design as a career. To become a fashion designer one should take formal education and training in fashion design. Today associate, bachelor and master degree courses are available along with diploma and certificate courses in fashion designing. You can choose any course as per your career your goals.