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What education or training do you need to become a gynecologist?


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AnswerI am in UK but the answer would be the same in other countries although the actual letters after the name would be different.

You would have to train as doctor. MB,BS in UK, MD in US. (5 years)

Then you would have to do at least seven years as an intern and resident(US) House officer, Senior House Officer, Registrar (UK) learning the speciality and taking many exams along the way before obtaining Board Certification (US) Membership of Royal College of Obstericians and Gynaecologists (UK)

Answer4 years of college

4 years of medical school

4 years of OB/GYN residency

Most OB/GYN's are about 31 when they graduate from their residency if they complete all 12 years without interruption.

AnswerMedical degrees.

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