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IM no expert but as far as i know muscle fatigue breaks down your muscle fibers, Causing them to heal thicker and stronger thus increasing your strenth. BUT YOU HAVE TO ALLOW THEM TO HEAL!

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Q: What effect does muscle fatigue have on muscles?
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How does exercise effect muscle fatigue?

There are various ways through which exercise will effect muscle fatigue. This will enhance blood circulation which will deliver more oxygen to the fatigued muscles. Exercise will also cause lactic acid to be released.

Muscle fatigue is caused by a buildup of?

Muscle fatigue is caused by an accumulation of lactic acid in muscles.

What can cardiac muscle do that no other muscle can do?

Cardiac muscles can work without fatigue.

What is caused by the accumulation of lactic acid in the muscles?

Muscle fatigue.

When muscles can no longer perform a required activity?

Muscle fatigue

How does muscles become fatigue?

working your muscles too hard will lead to muscle fatige

How muscle become fatigue?

working your muscles too hard will lead to muscle fatige

Factors that inhibit muscle contraction?

Muscle fatigue is the main factor that inhibits muscle contraction. Muscles need oxygen and energy to contract and muscle fatigue is the lack of oxygen in a muscle. The build up of lactic acid is a factor of muscle fatigue.

Which type of muscle is found in the heart?

The heart has involuntary muscles known as Cardiac muscles. The specialty of these muscles is they never get fatigue.

What is the effect the muscle?

what effect the muscles are the cold water

How is your muscles fatigue?

After a workout or continuously doing something your muscle starts to fatigue it seems to hurt when moved or move slowly.

What effect does massage have on the muscles?

Muscle fatigue is caused primarily by the build-up of lactic acid; massage stimulates circulation and helps to restore a normal chemical balance.

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