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Sounds like the Camshaft Position Sensor Same problem that my wife encountered on long trip....would run fine, then cut out, run rough, engine would die, then wouldn't start for a minute or two. Part is about $135 on OBS and $75 on the new body style. $225 shop job. On board computer needs "reprogrammed" after installation, mechanic does it on install.

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Is there a reset button to restart the car if it has died on you on a 1994 suburban?


The purpose of defibrillation is to?

It is to "restart" the heart's electrical conductivity and electrical rhythym. It, in general, sends out an electrical impulse to the heart to kickstart it.

Can difibrillation be used to restart a heart without any electrical activity?

No, defibrillation cannot work without any electrical activity. Defibrillators work with electricity to restart one's heart, not by itself.

Why would my 2003 KIA RIO stop running while driving down freeway and not restart?

Possibly, you have a broken timing belt.

Why would a 1991 Nissan begin losing power on the freeway then stall when parked and won't restart?

its run on road for 5 min then rpm fluctuates and quit, seems when engine is warmed...and will not restart till cool down.

Was driving on the freeway when my van died and wouldn't restart battery is fine put a new alternator in 4 months ago any ideas?


What does a defibrillator do?

It produces an electrical impulse used to restart the hearts' rhythm after a cardiac arrest.

Engine shuts down while on freeway but will restart in neutral chugs while giving gas?

Sounds like the fuel filter is plugged. when did you change it last?

Does CPR restart the heart?

No it doesn't. It just keeps the oxygen in the blood pumping to the brain - it keeps the body alive. A defibrillator can restart a heart. You need the electrical impulse.

What could cause windows XP to occasionally freeze or restart during installation or on normal startup?

Found the problem, one of my RAM memories was defective.

Nissan Pathfinder flooded and will not restart?

maybe one of the electrical outlets in the engine got electricuted which made the engine not start.

95 suburban check engine light comes on over 60MPH after 3Miles go off on restart truck runs fine help please?

check O2 sensor

Your 94 Chevy Corsica died while on the freeway and wont restart has fuel fire battery all ok?

Check the timing on the Corsica for jumped timing. Most likely the engine is firing at the wrong time causing it not to start.

Why would 1988 celebrity lose electrical power then restart minutes later?

I would suspect either a loose connection or a corroded battery terminal.

How do you restart the browser?

You can restart the browser by clicking closed on it. Then you can open it to restart it again.

My suburban dies while driving and wont restart for a while I took it to a mechanic and they said the fuel pump was going out so I replaced it The problem is still happening What else could be wrong?

I have a 99 suburban and the battery cables can become loose. You have to clean and tighten them regularly. It has happened to me a lot. It is a design fail on gmc's part.

How do you restart a playstation portable?

to restart a PSP you have to.... attach it to your computer... then delete the files or restart it from there

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You have to restart the browser by closing it by the cross button and then opening it. There is no restart button in it.

1995 f150 will start but dies after running for about 15 minutes and wont restart?

A 1995 Ford F150 will start to die after running for about 15 minutes if the fuel or electrical system have a failure. A bad battery or electrical system will also prevent it from restarting.

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widget restart bu ten using the my computer restart agent restart

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u restart

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No. The clock does not restart.

Why would a 1991 Cavalier Z24 3.1 automatic trans start but die after about 4-5 seconds Occasionally it will run for about 10 minutes but then will not restart until sitting for 24 hours?

crank senser....

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You don't restart the game you lose the game.