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first you have to conver 4.3 hours into seconds, which is 15480seconds and then you multiply that by the power which is 60 W, which then you get 928800 Joules

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Q: What energy is produced by a 60 W light bulb lit for 4.3 hours?
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What is most of the energy produced by a light bulb?

Most of the energy in a light bulb is heat energy.

What form of energy had been produced when we are using a light bulb?

Heat and Light energy

What type of energy is produced by a light bulb?

Both heat and light. These are radiant energy.

What energy types are produced by a light bulb?

A light bulb produces heat and light. A more efficient bulb produces more light and less heat.

What types of energy are produced by a burning light bulb?

Electrical energy and Heat energy.

What energy is produced from the light bulb?

Light, of course, since that's what the light bulb is designed to produce. There is also waste energy, as heat, and (to a small extent) as sound.

What are two forms of energy produced by the bulb?

Heat and Light

What is the electrical energy in a light bulb?

The energy used by a lightbulb in kWh can be calculated from the voltage across the bulb, the current through the bulb, and the number of hours of operation of the bulb. energy = voltage * current * hours / 1000

Does a 18 watt bulb equal a 60 watt bulb?

Not in energy used. But possibly in light produced.

If electrical energy goes into a light bulb what useful energy comes out?

The useful energy that comes out is light energy. Heat energy is also produced but is not useful

How you can calculate how much energy is used by a light bulb?

Look at the watt rating printed on the bulb, then multiply by the number of hours it runs for, the answer is the energy in watt-hours.

What is the forms of energy produced in a bulb in a closed circuit?

A light bulb doesn't 'produce' energy. But if it's conducting electric current, then it converts electrical energy to other forms, namely heat and light.

What energy transformations occur in a light bulb?

In a light bulb, electrical energy is transformed into light energy and heat energy.

How does a light bulb use energy?

A light bulb of 60 watts if we leave it on for an hour it will use 60 watt hours or .06 kWh.

When electricity runs through light bulb what other type of energy is produced?

Light, heat, sometimes sound.

How many watts of energy does it take to run a 250 watt light bulb?

A 250 watt light bulb takes 250 watts of power. The energy it uses (that you pay for) is measured in watt-hours or kilowatt-hours. A 250-watt bulb running for 4 hours uses 1 kilowatt-hour.

Can you use a light bulb for solar power?

If you mean could you use the light from a bulb to energize a solar array or photovoltaic cell, the answer is yes. However the energy to run the bulb would exceed the energy produced by the array so you would have a net loss of energy in such a system.

What kind of energy is converted in a light bulb?

Mechanic energy is converted in to light bulb , in bulb the electric energy converted into heat and light

What happens to an electric current after it passes through each bulb?

There is a piece of filament in every light bulb, which has so much friction that when the electric current passes through it, heat energy is produced. This heat energy is then converted to light energy.

When energy runs through a light bulb what kind of energy does the light bulb produce?

A light bulb uses electrical energy, and produces light, as well as heat.

What is the Energy transfer in a working light bulb?

A light bulb turns electrical energy into light and heat energy.

What energy occurs in the light bulb?

light and heat energy occur in a light bulb when it is turned on.

What is the source of energy in a light bulb?

Electricity is the source of energy in a light bulb.

Is a light bulb an example og electromagnetic energy?

A light bulb is not an example of electromagnetic energy, but the light which the bulb gives off is an example of electromagnetic energy.

What is the energy that happen in a light bulb?

Energy does not happen. Electrical energy is routed through a light bulb, and some of it is converted to heat energy and light energy inside the bulb.