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Acid Rain

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Q: What environment problem is the result of chemical reactions in the atmosphere that involves sulfur?
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Chemical reaction involves protons?

Chemical reactions involve valence electrons and not protons.

Is baking bread is a chemical reaction?

yes it involves some chemical reactions by yeast

Is a bagel chemical reaction?

Bagels are a food industry product, not a reaction; but the production of bagels involves chemical reactions.

The reactions taking place inside a lead accumulator are said to be redox reactions describe the chemical reaction and justify the statement?

redox reactions means which involves both oxidation and reduction reactions reactions.

What are the chemical reactions involves in sublimation?

Sublimation, per se, does not involve any chemical reactions. It is simply a physical change of a substance going from a solid to a gas without passing through the liquid phase.

How does nuclear reaction differs from ordinary chemical reactions?

It involves the particles of the nucleus (protons and neutrons), not the electrons.

Does a chemical reaction occur every time you move?

No, chemical reactions do not occur every time you move. Movement involves the biological and mechanical processes of your body, such as muscle contractions and joint movements, which do not necessarily involve chemical reactions.

What type of cycling involves movement of chemical through the earth living thing and the atmosphere?


Every Chemical Reaction Involves A?

transfer of energy from one form to another.

What type of cycle involves the movement of chemical elements through the earth living things and the atmosphere?


What is the difference between a nuclear decay from a chemical reaction?

Nuclear decay involves the contents of the atomic nucleus, the protons and neutrons. Chemical reactions involve the electrons.

What occurs when an infection changes the chemical environment of the brain changes?

Another way that infections injure the brain involves the way in which the chemical environment of the brain changes in response to the presence of an infection.