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What event helped to cause World War II?

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The German invasion of Poland

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What violent event in 1914 helped start World War I?

The violent event in 1914 helped start World War 1 was the assassination of Franz Ferdinand.

What event helped shape William golding's philosophy of human nature?

Fighting in World War II helped shape his philosophy.

Which was not a cause of World War 2 in Europe?

It can be anything which isn't an cause of WW2 in europe. e.g. Invasion of USSR or Battle of Berlin wasn't an cause of WW2, It was an event in world war 2.

Which event sparked World War I?

which event sparked world war 1?

Which dictators helped cause World War ll?

Hitler, Mussolini, Hirohito, Stalin

How did the Lend Lease Act help cause World War 2?

The Lend Lease Act did not cause or help cause World War 2. It helped the Brits during the Battle of Britain and Battle of the Atlantic. The war was cause by Adolf Hitler and the Japanese.

What was the cause of war world 1?

The cause of World War II was the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife by a teenage Serbian nationalist named Gavrilo Princip. Hope I helped:-)

What event cause the US to enter world war ll?

The Japanese attack upon Pearl Harbor .

What event helped provoke the US to enter world war 1?

Germany attempting to form a military alliance with Mexico.

What was the event that started World War 1 was?

The assassination of archduke ferdinand

Which event in 1914 cause world war 1 to erupt?

The July assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria-Hungary and his wife by Serbian nationalists was the immediate cause of the war.

Did World War I cause the gulf war?

no the world war 1 did not cause the gulf war.

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