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The Japanese attack upon the US naval base at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii on 07 Dec 1941 .

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What event prompted Russia's withdrawal from World War I?

Revolution at home was the reason of Russia's withdrawal from World War 1.

What event prompted the US to enter World War 2?

the bombing of pearl harborthe bombing of pearl harbor!

What event prompted the United States to enter world war 2?

December 7, 1941: The bombing of Pearl Harbor.

What event led americas entry into world war 2?

The bombing of Pearl Harbor by the Japanese.

Which event led directly to US entry into World War 2?

The Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor.

What event prompted the Persian Gulf War of 1990-1991?

The Iraqi invasion of Kuwait in 1990 prompted the Gulf War, but this event was made possible by the end of the Cold War in 1989. The basis for the Iraqi annexation of Kuwait goes back to the end of World War 1, when Kuwait was not included as a part of Iraq.Iraq invading Kuwait because of increased oil pricesThe Iraqi invasion of Kuwait by Saddam Hussein and his troops prompted the Persian Gulf War.

Which event led the US to world war 2?

The Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor led to the US entry into WW2

What event prompted FDR to enter world war 2?

Japan's surprise attack on Pearl Harbor naval base in Hawaii. Germany and Italy shortly also declared war on America.

Which event sparked World War I?

which event sparked world war 1?

What event brought the US into the war in 1917?

There was no single event that drew the US into World War I in 1917. The sinking of the Lusitania in 1915 along with continued submarine warfare against American commerce made the US entry into the war almost inevitable.

What prompted entry in to World War 2 by us?

The U.S. entered World War II after the bombing of Pearl Harbor. Before that point in the war, the U.S. was practicing an isolationist philosophy, and just supporting the Allies through other means. However, once the U.S. was attacked, they entered the war and was a main reason why the war was won.

What event was responsible for the United States' entry into World War 2?

The Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour 7 December 1941.

Which of these was not directly related to the entry of the US into world was 1?

The Franco-Prussian War was not directly related to the entry of the US into World War I.

Why did Neville Chamberland declare war in World War 2?

The German invasion of Poland prompted the declaration of war .

What event sparked the start of World War 2?

The invasion of Poland by Germany started WWII.America's entry was precipitated by bombing of Pearl Harbor.

Whose assassination prompted world war 1?

The ArchDuke of Austria-Hungary

What was the event that started World War 1 was?

The assassination of archduke ferdinand

What factors prompted Stalin's actions?

There were various factors prompted Stalin's actions. For example, the events of the Second World War were very influential on him.

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