What events led to the decline of Aztec empire?

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In Aztecs
The major event was the invasion of the Spanish conquistador Hernán Cortés (aka Hernando Cortez 1485-1547), who tricked the Aztecs into them worshipping him, and then attacked with his superior military and destroyed them.
There was also the exposure to European diseases and the lack of national unity, as many of the people of the region disliked the rule of the Aztecs (under Moctezuma II). These factors also led to the decline of the Incas in Peru.

The Effect of An Indigenous Disease
The "Cocolitzli" sickness ultimately caused the demise of the Aztec society. Cocolitzli appeared immediately after long, severe periods of geographic drought. Contemporary research suggests a mutated variation of the Hantavirus, carried by rodents ultimately caused the Cocolitzli which in essence wiped out 80% of the indigenous populations. In fact, the disease ravaged Spanish clergy as well, who had a high degree of exposure to native populations, by virtue of their close association with the peoples as part of the conversion process. Contemporary research suggests European disease had limited impact on decline of the Aztec empire.

After periods of drought, followed immediately by a torrentially wet year, rodent populations exploded because of the newly abundant sources of food. This created huge numbers of Hanta carriers, exposing the human population to the virus. Research also suggests that the Hantavirus mutated, and was subsequently able to jump the species barrier-from human to human, similar to that of the "Swineflu (H1N1)" virus and the "Birdflu" virus. The tenacity of the virus caused the rapid spread from person to person, decimating the population in the process. Drought in the New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, and the Colorado area caused a spat of Hanta in 1993 which caused the deaths of 58 Americans before the CDC was able to isolate the rodents and contain the virus through culling. Forensic disease researchers believe the same environmental factors in 1993 which caused the Hanta outbreak also were responsible for the Aztec Cocolitzli and conquest of the culture.

Certainly the musket and the cannon played a part in the demise of native populations, though ultimately it was disease that decimated the Aztecs. It wasn't smallpox, nor measles, mumps, rubella, or plague. But a highly dangerous and virulent strain of the Hantavirus- a bug which is as dangerous today as it was 500 years ago.
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What events led to the creation of the Aztec empire?

The Aztec people of northern Mexico, arrived in Mesoamerica in the1200s. They settled the city of Tenochtitlan and flourished inMexico until the arrival of Europeans in the 15th century.

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What led to the decline of the Aztec Empire?

One thing that led to the decline of the Aztec Empire was the shortage of skilled farmers. Mistreating the people they conquered. Additionally, the Spanish Conquistadors ripped the empire apart, destroyed the Aztec Army, killed Moctezuma (the Aztec Leader), and colonized the entire region.

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Well for both, technological inferiority and smallpox (more on the smallpox part).. And also for the Aztecs, the participation of thousands of people whom they oppressed on the spanish side of the siege of tenochtitlan.. For the Incas, the striking similarity of Pizarro looking like Quetzcoatl, th ( Full Answer )

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Why did the Aztecs decline?

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What event did the Aztecs see as the most terrible omen for their empire?

As the Aztec ruler Montezuma II insilled resentment into his Aztec people, many Aztecs began to predict terrible things were about to happan. They saw bad omens in many everyday occurances, such as lightning, large clouds, and eclipses. The worst though, was the arrival of the spanish, who fit the i ( Full Answer )

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The Incas declined because the Spanish that invaded their land killed them and used them as slaves, also because since the Incas were not immune to the Spanish diseases they brought, most of them died.

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The Aztecs had a lot of enemies and when the Spanish conquistadors arrived to Mexico the Aztec enemies were more than happy to help the Spanish destroy the Aztecs.

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What events led to open conflict between the Aztecs and the conquistadors?

Basically, it was Spanish greed. The Spanish King Charles V got tohear rumours of the mythical land of 'El Dorado', a legendary Azteccity that was said to be filled with vast amounts of gold and othertreasure. The Spanish Government was also aware that apart fromthis, there was genuine evidence that ( Full Answer )