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the Civil Rights Movement is the time when blacks and whits did not get along so they fought. like how Martin Luther King Jr. wrote I Have a Dream he was talking about the civil rights for black and white people. and how Rosa parks got arrested for not giving up he seat for a white man. that was worng and the whole contry knows it to but no white people stod up for this poor lady trying to live her life. everyone should know that this is not right. and if you see this happening that a white person is harasing a black or the other way around you should tell somebody and if it is really harsh call the police. that would be the right thing. we all know it is to so be nice to all colors no matter what.

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Q: What events took place that led to the civil rights movement?
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What historical events took place during shirley chisholm rise as a leader?

Civil rights movement.

What are some good questions about civil rights?

Where did the civil rights movement take place.

Did the civil rights movement take place in Montgomery Alabama?

Yes the civil rights movement started in Montgomery, Alabama

Where did civil rights movements take place?

Hi! When did the Civil Rights Movement take place?It took place in Montgomery Alabama

What major dramatic or historical events happened after the US Civil War ended?

There were several major events that happened after the Civil War. One of the biggest was the Civil Rights Movement.The Reconstruction of America's economy and land was taking place after the Civil War.

Why was the Civil War important for the civil rights movement?

It is important because the civil war freed the slaves, and the civil right movement helped African Americans gain rights. So if the civil war didn't take place there would be no civil rights movement.To answer your quesition, the civil war was important for the civil rights movement because one freed the africian Americans and one helped them gain rights.

When did the book the contender took place?

during the civil rights movement

What events took place in the civil rights movement?

There were many events during the civil rights movement, so this question is a tad vague. However, some of the more important events could be the threat to march on Washington D.C. during WWII, President Truman creating his 10-point civil rights program, the 14th amendment being passed, the revoking of the separate but equal doctrine in 1954. All of these events were very important during the civil rights movement, I believe that the revoking of the separate but equal doctrine is amongst the most important. "Separate but Equal" is inherently unequal, by destroying that doctrine it opened up the doorway for something like the Rosa Parks incident to have a nationwide effect.

When did the American Civil Rights movement take place?

Approximately between 1950 to 1980.

If the civil war didnt take place why wouldn't there be no civil rights movement?

Because blacks would never have an opinion.

How were the Cold War and Civil Rights Movement connected and intertwined?

No relation. It just happens that the Civil Rights Movement took place during that time frame. After all, 1945 thru 1990 is a long time.

Was there still racism in 1960's in America?

That is when the Civil Rights events took place.

What were the major events occurred during the civil rights movement 1954-1970?

Two main events that took place during the civil rights movement from 1954-1979 were the "sit-in movement", and the "Bus Boycotts". (for more information vist following websites): sit ins: bus boycott:

What time period did Martin Luther King's speeches take place?

The 1960s during the civil rights movement

What year did the civil rights act take place?

The civil rights act took place in 1964.

What does the phrase domino-effect mean as it pertain to the Civil Rights Movement?

if you place domino's side by side and then knock one over, they all fall over. (domino effect) So you have the Civil Rights Movement and now explain what came about because of it.

What was the Chicago Freedom Movement?

The Chicago Freedom Movement took place in 1965. This was a gathering of influential civil rights leaders that joined together in the heart of Chicagoâ??s streets to demonstrate for the equal rights of people of all races.

Where did sit-ins for civil rights take place?

Sit-ins during the civil rights movement occurred in many various places. Some of the common places where sit-ins occurred were restaurants, buses, and trains.

What were some victories for the civil rights movement?

After a year boycott in Montgomery Alabama the city bus system gave in to allowing bus rider sit any place in bus. The Brown decision, and the 1964 civil rights act.

When did the civil rights act are place?


What events took place during the civil war?

There are a great many events that took place during the Civil War. There were many bloody battles for example.

When did the women's rights movement take place?

It took place in 1848.

In his I have a dream speech Martin Luther King Jr link the demands of the civil rights movement to?

The best place to live in the state of Missouri would be Glendale.

What special events took place on Human Rights Day 2010?

Visit the link below to see what events that took place on December 10th for Human Rights Day.

Why was the civil rights movement centered in the south?

The Civil Rights Movement centered on the south because this was the place of some of the most egregious Jim Crow policies as well as violence, with the Ku Klux Klan often deeply entrenched in the legal justice system. In addition, the denial of service to blacks in public places or institutions as well as the denial of their right to vote by intimidation made it a good place to start.