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Exercise equipment weights are weights that you use to exercise. You can you them in a numerous amount of ways. They help strengthen and tone your muscles.

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2011-07-14 13:29:18
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Q: What exactly is exercise equipment weights?
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Related questions

Do exercise equipment weights have a safety warning on them?

Exercise equipment weights usually don't have a safety warning label on them. Most the time the work out equipment its self bares these safety instructions.

What kind of exercise equipment is common in a weight room?

Most weight rooms will have varying types of exercise equipment. The most popular equipment are treadmills, free weights, rowing machines and stair climbers.

Can lifting weights be an exercise?

Lifting weights is an exercise

What does exercise equipment look like?

They are usually made of metal. Most pure plastic equipment is frowned upon. (Especially the pink weights)

What are some exercises that use exercise equipment weights?

You can use exercise equipment weights to help strengthen any part of your body. A variety of exercises is available for each body part. For Leg squats, chest press, and deadlifts are examples of effective exercises using equipment weights. A fitness website or fitness professional should be able to provide a list of exercises with pictures.

Does Wal-Mart sell exercise equipment?

Yes, Wal-Mart sells some exercise equipment. They sell some free weights, exercise balls, cardio equipment, treadmills, bikes and others. They also sell sports apparel and relevant athletic shoes.

Can you recommend some cheap exercise equipment?

Most of the exercise equipment are very expensive. The cheapest equipment are weights. They cost around 20-50$/piece. You can also try the fitness videos since they are the cheapest thing on the market.

What are some effective kinds of exercise equipment?

The most effective type of exercise equipment is weights. Dumbells are thought to be for building muscles usually but in reality they are used for toning and fat burning. They are the best equipment possible for exercising from home.

What dangers are associated with cheap exercise equipment?

Cheap exercise equipment can be flimsy and poorly balanced. It might not be sturdy enough to support the user's weight, or parts can break off and weights can drop on the user.

What kind of equipment does a fitness gym have?

A fitness gym generally includes a variety of equipment for cardiovascular exercise, such as treadmills, exercise bikes and elliptical trainers. Gyms also generally have equipment for strength training such as weight machines and free weights.

What is toning equipment and why is it used?

Exercise machines, medicine balls, and hand weights are just a few of the many different pieces of toning equipment. Toning equipment is used to build muscle.

What equipment is used in physical therapy?

Exercise equipment for physical therapy could include an exercise table or mat, a stationary bicycle, walking aids, a wheelchair, practice stairs, parallel bars, and pulleys and weights.

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