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the exercise that burns the most calories per hour is jumping jax and jogging in the same spot

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What exercise machine burns the most calories?

At a "hard" intensity the results were: * Treadmill - 700 Calories per hour * Stair Machine - 625 Calories per hour * Rowing - 600 Calories per hour * Skiing - 600 Calories per hour * Stationary Bike - 500 Calories per hour

What exercise burns the most calories for bad knees?


Which piece of exercise equipment burns the most calories?

The piece of exercise equipment that burns the most calories varies by opinion. Some say it is the rowing machine and others say it is the treadmill or the elliptical.

Exercise that burns the most calories at the YMCA?

I would say swimming.

Which exercise burns the most calories in an hour?

The more you move the more calories you burn. So an intense constant run would burn up the most. Having said that be careful not to overdue and injure yourself.

How do you exercise and burn more calories than you eat?

The key to weight lossis to eat and then exercise. You most likely want to eat a good healthy amount of food and then exercise after a half hour. A good idea would be to do cardio and crunches because it helps get the body in shape and it burns a lot of calories.

What fitness equipment burns the most calories so I can lose weight?

Ah, the treadmill, one of the best exercise equipment pieces ever, the treadmill burns calories the fastest as long as your running. Also try exercise bikes and ellipticals as they burn calories also.

What exercise burns calories?

All forms of exercise burn calories. Exercise that is intensive, fast-moving (like running), or high-speed will burn the most calories. Some examples are running, swimming, kayaking, jump roping, rock climbing, and hiking.

What burns off the most calories gymnastics or tennis?

tennis burns off the most calories

What aerobic exercises burn the most calories?

The aerobic exercise that tends to burn the most calories is running. Running will burn approximately 1200 calories an hour depending on your speed and size.

What are the exercise equipment for reducing belly fat?

There are no specific pieces of exercise equipment for reducing belly fat. You will have to consume less calories and exercise in order to lose fat. Equipment that burns the most calories will aid in this. Cardio workouts are useful for helping with this.

What exercise burns the most calories in the least amount of time?

all cardio activities will burn about the same amount of calories considering intensity etc, but swimming will burn the most and will be the lowest impact

What is the most common cause of being overweight?

A bad diet - and lack of exercise ! If you consume more calories than your body needs - the only option is for your body to convert unused calories to fat. Exercise burns calories - thus keeping your body healthy, and your BMI low.

What is the activity that burns the most calories?


What exercise losses body fat the most?

Swimming definitely you lose 6 calories in 1 minute, so if you swim for 1 hour, you burn about 360 calories.

Which aerobic class burns the most calories?


What muscle burns the most calories faster?


What olympic event burns the most calories?

The Marathon.

What body part burns the most calories?


What sport uses the most energy and burns the most calories?


Which summer olympic sport burns the most calories?

running, but swimming still burns a lot

What indoor sport burns the most calories?

Arena football.

Which weight class burns the most calories by running?


What household chore burns the most calories?

taking out the trash

In terms of exercise and calories, what workouts burn the most per hour?

The more vigorous the workout, the more calories per hour the exerciser will burn. Full body workouts tend to burn more calories per hour than partial body workouts. An elliptical machine, for example, where the user moves their arms, will burn more calories per hour than a stationary bicycle. Sports such as running, hiking and racquetball also burn a high number of calories per hour.

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