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Squats and poly-metrics.

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Q: What exercise can strengthen groin muscles?
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What muscles does the ball exercise strengthen?

The exercise ball will strengthen different muscles depending on how you use it. It's probably most popular and frequently used for an abdominal work out.

What does the back bridge exercise do?

A back bridge exercise is done to help strengthen the back muscles. It can also help tone the muscles in your stomach.

What type of exercise strengthen the skeletal muscles?

push ups and set ups

What is a gym exercise that will help to strengthen thigh muscles?

There are many exercise one can do at a gym that will help to strengthen thigh muscles. Examples include using the seated leg press, doing wall squats and lunges.

How can you make your self run faster?

Exercise and strengthen leg muscles and cardiovascular system.

What exactly is exercise equipment weights?

Exercise equipment weights are weights that you use to exercise. You can you them in a numerous amount of ways. They help strengthen and tone your muscles.

What muscles are worked out by using an Exercise Bike?

Not only does an excercise bike work your leg muscles but it can also be used to strengthen your core. The abdominal muscles get a good work out on a exercise bike as well as the lower and upper leg muscles.

What is weightlifter?

Weightlifting is exercise, sport, and a workout. It is when weights are used in different ways to help shape, grow, and strengthen different muscles.

What is the benefits of trunk-lift exercise?

The trunk lift exercise helps to strengthen your back and abdominal muscles. This exercise is also good for your hips and makes it stronger.

How can you strengthen your muscles?

The simple act of tightening and releasing your muscles repetitiously will strengthen them. There are resistance exercises that can target certain areas with water, weights (any where from 1lb. up) , bands, or your own body. The best exercise to strengthen all over is swimming. Or you can sit in a chair and squeeze and release your muscles individually.

Is there any exercise to strengthen the vaginal muscles especially the medio to deep portion perspective?

Look up Kegel Exercises.

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