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If you have worked in a customer service related field, describe your positive experiences if asked this question during an interview. Use real-life examples instead of merely giving contrived answers.

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What is your experience in dealing with the public?

Your experience in dealing with the public is defined as a personal history of your skills in regards to the handling of people. Experiences in dealing with the public can include employment history or completing instructional classes in certain subjects.

Did you experience dealing with difficult people?


Describe the extent of your experience with systems experience?

i have a good computer skills from typing to dealing with all the microsoft office programs

What is the army's objectives when dealing with community relations?

Increase public awareness

What has being the most annoying experience a restaurant manager has had?

Dealing with staff and customers.

Name something a flight attendant has to enjoy doing?

Traveling and dealing with the public.

What is a bill dealing with general matter and applying to the entire nation?

public bills

What is public policy dealing with affairs in one's own country?

Domestic Policy

How do you wash leather clothing?

Take it to a dry cleaner that has had experience dealing with leather clothes.

What is the motto of Midland Public Schools?

Midland Public Schools's motto is 'Experience the Excellence'.

What can you do to help a person with a terminal illness who is in denial accept the fact that he is dying?

One thing that you can do is to have talk with a councilor at a public hospital or if you are a religious person have a chat with a priest. these people will most likely have had experience with dealing with dying people and their relatives and friends.

Compare human relations and public relationsgive the similarities and differences?

Human relations is intra-organization. This means management dealing with the people that work for a company. Public relations is inter- organization or dealing with the customers, competitors, government etc. outside of the organization.

What do you know about Travel account in call center?

You could share any experience you have had in an call center dealing with travel. Share any specific experience you have had in this area.

In what year did Fremont Street Experience open to the public?

12-15-1995 it opened to the public.

In what year did the Fremont Street Experience open to the public?

12-15-1995 it opened to the public.

What is Lemer Public School's motto?

Lemer Public School's motto is 'A different schooling experience'.

What is a dolphins strengths and weaknesses?

i bieve from personal experience in dealing with these creatures they are in there strongest form in level 3

What is a better way to say good with money or experience in dealing with money?

This question makes no sense. Rephrase it.

Who answers your questions on ask com com?

peoplei n the world.Who have had experience in dealing with the particular problem.

How would you relate a job being a cashier for being a call center agent?

When comparing a future job with past job experience, you should try to look for overlapping skills. The immediate one which comes to mind is experience relating to the public and dealing with customers. Also both jobs require an attention to detail and multi tasking.

Are there public schools in Russia?

There are public schools and private schools in Russia. They are both high quality in my experience.

What are the requirements for obtaining a public service job?

It will be pretty easy with military experience to get a public service job.

Describe your experience in dealing with multiple phone calls and from customers who may be angry?

The company wants to know how you are going to handle angry customers. It can at times be very frustrating dealing with these kinds of customers.

What public speaking fear disappears with experience?

pretending that you are alone

What is front liner?

Front liner means department in-charge or a job assignment which belong to public dealing.

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