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What explorer had a major new york river named for him?


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Henry Hudson


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The Hudson River is named after explorer Henry Hudson.

The Verrazano Narrows Bridge is named after the Italian explorer Giovanni da Verrazzano. He was the first known navigator to travel into the Hudson River and New York Harbor.

The major river in New York is the Hudson River. It is 314 miles long that flows through the eastern part of New York state. It was named after Henry Hudson. Some other rivers in New York are the Mohawk River and Genesee River.

he was a major explorer because he and his crew found the new york bay which is present day hudson river. by:4th grader

New York River, Mount River and Celse River.

New York River, Mount River, and Celse River!

The Hudson River The Hudson

The Hudson River, named after Henry Hudson, who sailed up the river in 1609 looking for a northern passage from the Atlantic Ocean through America to the Pacific, runs along the western edge of Manhattan and the Bronx.

The major rivers in New York State are the Saint Lawrence River, Mohawk River, Oswegatchie River, Black River, Ausable River, and Chenango River.

Yes, because Hudson explored new york and his crew named the river after him

The James River, The York River, The Rappahannock River, and the Potomac River

James river Roanoke river potamac river rappahannock river york river

The bridge is named for Italian explorer Giovanni da Verrazzano, the first known European navigator to enter New York Harbor and the Hudson River, while crossing The Narrows. Source: Wikipedia

You are probably thinking of the Henry Hudson Bridge.

If the question is referring to Henry Hudson (approx.1570-1611)the explorer who sailed into the New York waterways and ultimately had the Hudson River named after him, then his wife's name was "Katherine."

Henry Hudson was a 17th century English navigator and explorer. He made two attempts to find a western route from Europe to China. He explored the area near and around near present day New York and even navigated a river which is named after him (Hudson river in New York).

the answer is James River.Potomac River.Rappahannock River,and the York River

The Hutchinson River The Hutchinson Parkway

it was very interesting. the first person who founded was this man named dutch. there also a river named the Hudson river witch is named after a man named Henry Hudson.

The Huson River is a major water form.

The river is named after Henry Hudson, an Englishman sailing for the Dutch East India Company, who explored it in 1609. It had previously been observed by Italian explorer Giovanni da Verrazano sailing for King Francis I of France in 1524 as he became the first European known to have entered the Upper Bay, but he mistook it for an estuary. The river was named by Hudson's employers the North River (with the Delaware River called the South River) and formed the spine of the Dutch colony of New Netherland. Settlement of the colony clustered around the Hudson and it's strategic importance as the gateway to the American interior led to years of competition between the English and the Dutch over control of the river and colony.

Major landforms in New York City would be the Atlantic Ocean, the Hudson River, and Long Island.

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