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Q: What explorer thought he had reached asia but made the first European land claims in north America?
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What explorer reached America in 1492?

That would be Christopher Columbus although there is some debate as to whether or not he really reached America. It is thought that he may have actually reached islands in the Caribbean.

Which explorer thought he reached china?

Marco Polo

What European explorer was thought to be God by Aztec people?

Hernando Cortes...

What explorer reached what he thought was china and saw many white bears and very large stags that looked like horses?

No explorer had that experience.

When christopher Columbus landed in 1942 what did he thought he reached?

When he reached the Caribbean (Mid-America) he thought he was in India. Hence the Caribbean is often referred to as the West Indies.

What were the European explorers looking for in the Indies?

North america...... they thought that they were at the new world. North america...... they thought that they were at the new world.

Was a America called Chritopher Columbus?

He called America East Indies because he thought that he had reached Asia.

What was North and South America named after?

"America" is commonly thought to be named after the Italian explorer Amerigo Vespucci.

Why was america neutral during world war 1?

America had a policy of isolationism. They thought the war was a European problem and should be settled by European countries.

Why was christopher columbus mistaken about the land he had found?

Because he had thought he had reached Asia after he found America

What explorer when he reached what he thought was china his son would describe as a very sterile lonely land?

John Cabot

What Italian explorer landed in Newfoundland but thought that he had found Cathay?

Giovanni Caboto is the name of the Italian explorer who landed in Newfoundland, Canada, but thought that he had found Cathay. The Italian-born explorer in question, known as John Cabot to English-speakers, landed in present-day Canada's northeastern extension even though he thought that he had reached ancient China. The pronunciation of the explorer's name will be "djo-VAN-nee ka-BO-to" in Italian.

Why was the European wasp introduced into Australia?

The European wasp was first introduced into Tasmania in 1959 and reached the mainland in 1977. Its introduction was accidental, and it is thought to have come over with ships from overseas.

Where did Columbus think he discovered in 1492?

He believed he had found India and named the native people living there Indian's. Columbus had not reached India as he thought but had reached Central America.

When Columbus reached Cuba were did he think he was?

He reached the Bahamas and thought he had reached India.

Who was believed to be the first explorer to discover North America over 1000 years ago?

It is thought the Vikings sailed to North America. The voyages of Lief Ericcson are not as well known as those of Columbus however. I would think this is because of the lack of colonisation & the effects it had, or didn't have, on European migration.

Why did Columbus named native Americans Indians?

he sailed west and thought he had reached the Indies by Asia but was actually in America so he called them Indians because he thought he was in the Indies

Did European countries test the Monroe Doctrine because of America's superior military strength?

No they didn't. They thought that America would fall with the Monroe Doctrine.

What did Christopher Columbus do when he found America?

All of them kissed the floor and were glad they made it but they thought they reached India but it was America so dats y native Indians are called Indians

What was California long time ago?

Early in the history of European exploration of North America, California was thought to be an island.

Why didnt Columbus realize he had reached an unknow continent?

he thought he had reached India

When did the tudors discover America?

Christopher Columbus (1451-1506) was an Italian explorer who, financed by the king and queen of Spain, set sail to find a new route to India. He left Europe early in September 1492 and when land was sighted one month later he believed he had found India and named the native people living there, Indians. Columbus had not reached India as he thought but had reached Central America. He claimed the land for Spain and from 1492 onwards Europeans began to settle in America. They called it the New World.

Why were first Americans called Indians?

Christopher Columbus first called Native Americans Indians because when he landed in North America, he thought he had reached India, in Asia. He named the people he saw after where he thought he was.

Who named the Indians?

Christopher Colubus did. He named them Indians because he was trying to sail around the world to India, and was not expecting America. Therefore, when he found America was inhabited, he called the residents of America Indians, because he thought he reached India.

When Columbus got to Cuba where did he think he had reached?

He thought he had reached either the Indies or China.