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There bad condition of battlefields, muddy, wet and cold

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What factors contributed to the spread of disease among soldiers?

close quarters

What factors contributed to the spread of the 1918 flu?

infected soldiers

What factors contribute to the spread of disease among the civil war soldiers?

non sanitary conditions i think.

What did soldiers face that contributed to the spread of diseases?

And what will they face??

What factors has NOT contributed to the spread of AIDS in Africa?

What factors contributed to the postwar havoc?

the factors that contributed to the postwar havoc was the red scare. many people were afraid of the spread of communism. communism is a system of government in which there is no private property and there are no economic classes.

Does vitiligo spreads from one place to the other?

Vitiligo cannot lead to an epidemic, but there are some factors that spread this disease.Genetic factorsHormonal factorsStressExposure to chemicalsAbove mentioned factors spread vitiligo spots in patients with vitiligo more rapidly, else this disease won't spread by touching or any other social activities.

Why did disease occur and spread in the trenches?

Disease occurred and spread mainly because the conditions of the trenches were so poor that health and hygiene were out of the question. This means that the soldiers were all vulnerable to death, not just from enemy gunfire, but from disease aswell.

What is ignaz semmelweis contribution in microbiology?

Ignaz Semmelweis contributed to the finding that washing your hands reduces the spread of Childbed disease.

When in the late 19th century many cities did not have adequate water and sewage systems. This contributed most to?

The spread of disease

What most likely contributed to the breakout of influenza in many military bases and cities?

A cook in the army was known to spread the disease.

What factors contributed to the undetected spread of the Ebola virus and impeded rapid containment in areas like West Africa?


What is a contagion?

A contagion is either a disease spread by contact, the spread of such a disease, or the spread of anything harmful, as if it were a disease.

Do Macaque monkeys spread disease?

Macaque monkeys do indeed spread disease. These animals spread a harsh disease known as monkeypox.

How can disease spread?

i believe that a disease cant spread because it is not contagious

Can sloths spread disease?

Any infected creature can spread disease.

What are insects that spread disease?

Name three insect that spread disease

What doctor studies the spread of disease?

An Epidemiologist studies the spread of disease.

How and where is lyme disease spread?

Lyme disease is spread by ticks. Lyme disease can be pretty much everywhere.

What is vector spread disease and the examples?

A disease which is carried and spread by an agent (animal or microorganism) is a vector spread disease. Eg. Mosquitoes are the vectors for malaria.

Does amoeba spread Lyme disease?

No. It does not spread by ameba. Ameba is a protozoa. Lyme disease is a tick born disease.

What caused the disease to spread to Italy?

Rats that were infected by the disease and have died on the side of the street to easily spread the disease

What factors might have contributed to the spread of the Spanish flu in 1918?

It has been said that the Spanish Flu in 1918 and 1919 was helped to spread world wide by military personnel as they traveled during World War 1.

What is the most widely spread disease?

i think AIDS is the most widely spread disease

Which of these is a tree disease spread by beetles?

Dutch elm disease is a tree spread by beetles.

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