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After the war, the break-up of the major big bands in 1946 moved music from the "swing era" to the "sing era", focusing on vocal soloists. Vic Damone, Patti Page, Frank Sinatra, Perry Como and others of their ilk, often trained in big bands, saw their greatest successes.

1940'S MUSIC WAS MOSTLY INFLUENCED BY WWII. THERE WAS A LOT OF ROMANCE DUE TO MEN GOING OFF TO WAR. EVEN BANDS WERE ENLISTED TO GO OVERSEAS AND HELP ENTERTAIN MEN AT WAR. WOMEN TOOK OVER MEN'S JOBS AND SONGS WERE CLEAR AND LOUD ABOUT THE WORK THEY DID. AFTER THE WAR, THERE WERE THE COMING HOME SONGS AND THE SONGS ABOUT HOW WE OVERCAME THE WAR. HEE HAW Most of the factors that influenced the music in 1940 is the war, World War II and how it affected the women. All of the men went overseas and then the women were lonely. Most of the songs were about coming home, loved ones, the war, romance, or things along these lines. anything and everything. im sure that the war was hard-downed, but most people probably tried to forget such things. its not like today, where everyone complains about just about teverything possible. back then, most people wrote about love, being the romantic era.

I'd say Glenn Miller was also a huge influence on the way the music industry changed in the 1940's.

During this time it is commonly known that a group called the beats were given birth to, and can be seen almost as a first generation of hippies. Suprisingly black artists were at the frontier of new music and had a lot to do with the music scene. Sadly, racism predisposed many to not listen to many of them, if at all. It is said this is why people like Elvis came around from the era. The producers could not put a black artist out in the media, for fear of not being accepted, so they came up with people that could produce a similar sound. Elvis even entertained many songs that were not his own and came from such sources.


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I assume you're asking about good music recorded in the 1940s. One of the best and most popular is Moonlight Serenade by Glenn Miller. Doris Day is also wonderful. She has beautiful songs like Again and Someone Like You that were recorded in the 1940s and that I love. Hope I answered your question.

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