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Benny Goodman was a jazz clarinetist who became famous during America's big band era. While his songs have subsequently become standards in swing music, Benny Goodman's cultural influence may be more important historically than his music, as he popularized the first racially integrated band in America. Please post all questions regarding the "King of Swing" into this category.

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Benny Goodman

What hit did Benny goodman and ethel waters perform together?


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Benny Goodman

What was the make of Benny Goodman's clarinet?

Goodman is most identified with Selmer. In the 30's he's known to have played a Selmer Paris K series and in the 50's a Selmer Paris Centered Tone. If he's like most musicians, though, he probably had a closet full of instruments.

Benny Goodman

Who was Benny Goodman's wife?

Benny Goodman was married to Alice Hammond from 1942 until her death in 1978. Alice was the sister of record producer John Hammond. Benny and Alice had two daughters.

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What is the value of Benny Goodmans autograph?

There is a company called; Miran Arts & Books, in Columbus, OH that can give you a fair market retail value on the autograph. Their phone # is: (614) 818-3222 , the address:
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Benny Goodman

What is written on Benny Goodman's tombstone?


Benny Goodman

Where did benny goodman play in moscow?

Benny Goodman in Moscow

Benny Goodman played with his band in Moscow (1962) at the CSKA Sport Palace. CSKA stands for Central Sports Club of the Soviet Army. At the height of spy scandal (American U2 spy plane was just shot off the Russian sky) the KGB (Commitee for the State Security) was suspicious of "capitalist provocations," so only a handful of tickets went into Moscow's jazz fans' hands; several thousand tickets were distributed among "ideologically tested" blue-collar Communists through the Party committees at Moscow's industrial facilities. Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev was present at the concert, but soon got bored by the alien music that he hated, and left during the intermission.

The U2 spy plane incident was in 1960, not 1962. Also, doubt Khrushchev left at intermission because he sat in the VIP box with the American Ambassador and his wife and then went on to a reception at the Ambassador's residence following the concert where he had a lively conversation with Mr. Goodman.

Benny Goodman

Did Benny Goodman have a signature tune?

Yes, it was "Let's dance" and "Goodbye"

Benny Goodman

Who played with Benny Goodman 1939 Carnegie Hall?

The Carnegie Hall concert took place in 1938 (January 16), not 1939. Personnel included:

The Goodman Band:

Chris Griffin, Ziggy Elman, Harry James, trumpets

Red Ballard, Vernon Brown, trombones

George Koenig, Art Rollini, Babe Russin, Hymie Schertzer, reed instruments

Jess Stacy, piano

Teddy Wilson, piano (BG trio and quartet only)

Lionel Hampton, vibraphone (BG quartet only)

Allan Reuss, guitar

Harry Goodman, bass

Gene Krupa, drums

Martha Tilton, vocal

Guest Stars:

Count Basie, piano

Harry Carney, baritone saxophone

Buck Clayton, trumpet

Freddie Green, guitar

Bobby Hackett, cornet

Johnny Hodges, soprano[2] and alto saxophones

Walter Page, bass

Lester Young, tenor saxophone

Benny Goodman

Other than jazz what other music was a part of Benny Goodman?

Benny Goodman developed an interest in classical muisc and recoded the Mozart Clarinet Concerto and Clarinet Quintet. He also commissioned Bela Bartok to write "Contrasts", for clarinet, violin and piano which he premièred with the composer and the violinist Joseph Szigeti. However, this question doesn't really make sense. It is important to read over things after you have written to check that they express clearly what you mean. Names of people and places, etc. should begin with a capital letter.

Benny Goodman

When did benny goodman and alice hammond get married?

March 1942

Benny Goodman

What was the same hit song for benny goodman and ethel waters?


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Where can you find the value of old vinyl records?

Music Price Guide is a good place to both auction your records and see what they're worth.

On Amazon there's a book titled the Goldmine Record Album Price Guide.

Benny Goodman

When did benny goodman get married?

in march 1942

Benny Goodman

What was Benny Goodman's Theme song?

let's dance

Benny Goodman

What year did Benny Goodman record How High The Moon?

Feb 7th. 1940

Benny Goodman

Who was Benny Goodman?

A great band leader and a pioneer in music. =====================================

To expand, Benny Goodman was the most famous clarinet player of the Swing Era, and arguably was matched in talent only by Artie Shaw. Most fans and critics agree that his orchestra effectively launched the Swing craze in 1935.

I can't do his life justice in a few short words, so I'd suggest starting with his biography as published on the official Goodman website: ====================================== He is also known as the King of Swing.

Benny Goodman

How tall was Benny Goodman?


Benny Goodman

What year did Benny Goodman die?

Benny Goodman died in the year of 1986. June 13th, 1986 to be precise.

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Benny Goodman

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Benny Goodman

What is Benny Goodman's birthday?

Benny Goodman was born on May 30, 1909.

Benny Goodman

When was benny goodman named the king of swing?

In 1936 by the media.

Benny Goodman

How many albums did Benny Goodman make?

i would assume that Benny goodman had 2 albums

Benny Goodman

How many clarinets did Benny Goodman have?

One could safely assume he had several. Since this instrument was his "bread and butter", if the instrument was unplayable, he would not be able to work - hence having several as backups, or for different playing conditions (indoors, outdoors, inclement weather, etc.).

Benny Goodman

Where did benny goodman grow up?

Born to Russian immigrants, Benny Goodman was born on May 30, 1909 and raised in Chicago, Illinois. When he was sixteen, Benny was hired by the Ben Pollack Band and moved to Los Angeles, California. Benny lived in Los Angeles until he moved to New York City at the age of twenty.

Benny Goodman

Why is Benny Goodman important?

hes known as the king of swing. Most people will say that he was the person to start the swing age in the US


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