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Factors influencing music of the 1970'sDance clubs saw a resurgence in the 70's with Studio 54 in New York - a place where anybody who was anybody would want to be seen. The disco dance craze was marked by strong Latino sounds like the rhumba and cha cha, which gave a new relevance to pair dancing, where couples actually touched one another in a romantic and seductive way. Strong instrumental sounds with heavy string sections were prevalant (i.e., Love Unlimited orchestra, and all of Barry White's phenomenal music) in conveying a romantic sound with an upbeat tempo perfect for dancing the night away. Women wore slinky and clingy dresses for maximum impact on the dance floor, and the guys would strut their stuff in patterned shirts, wide lapels and gold chains. Disco dancing also gave men equal time in showing off their own talents, rather than simply being the prop who twirls the partner. Disco was serious business where couples rehearsed their routines for Friday night clubbing. The "glitz factor" may have been a bit over the top, but people had fun. Some don't agree that the seventies turned out quality long lasting music, but I happen to think it did. Listen to the top groups like Earth, Wind & Fire, Tavares, Bee Gees, K.C. & the Band, and you have a party that today's bands would be hard pressed to match!
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What factors influenced music in the 1950's?

There are several factors that influenced music in the 1950's. In most cases, music was influenced by the events happening as well as other trends in the society.

What are the factors that influenced the music of Indonesia?

One of the factors that influenced the music of Indonesia is that there are many islands, which led to a great diversity of music in the region. Openness to outside styles of music also influenced the music, as Indonesians incorporated the music of foreign influences into their culture.

What are the factors that influenced the music of Palawan?

the factors are: war and unity

What factors influenced music in the 1950s?

your butt

Factors that influenced the music of japan?

Factors that influence the music in Japan are the people. It is mainly the demand for certain music that makes it be produced more.

What factors influenced the development of thai music?

its beauty and uglyness

Factors that have influenced Thai music?

Thai music has been heavily influenced by western music throughout the years. Thai music often uses popular western instruments such as guitars.

What are the the different factors that influenced the music of palawan?

the factors that factoring the factors that will factor you will also factor me. thank you. bow.

How did western cultur influence in Ethiopia?

Western culture influenced the arts and fashion in Ethiopia. In the 1970s, Afro hairstyles and music influenced by jazz and funk were popular in Ethiopia.

What factors influenced the music of Thailand?

it was begin with there own style and forms

In contrast with folk-ethnic music Western art or concert music?

In contrast with folk-ethnic music, Western art or concert music A. is heavily influenced by sociocultural factors. B. carefully balances sociocultural and musical factors. C. weighs musical factors more heavily than sociocultural factors. D. is almost totally dictated by musical factors.

What influenced the music of the sixties?

Drugs and War is what influenced the music of the 60s

How old is rap music?

To my knowledge it all started in the 1970s with a recording of the LAST POETS with a kind of political rap collection which was said to have been influenced by the language of MalcolmX.

Do you believe society was influenced by music or music was influenced by society?

I think both

What factors influenced Hippocrates?

His father influenced him in medicine.

Where did R B music come from?

in the 1970s

When was club dance music made?

it is in 1970s

How has western culture influenced Chinese music?

Western culture has influenced Chinese music through pop music. Pop music has been very big in Western culture. This, in turn, has influenced Chinese music to sound similar.

What types of music influenced rap?

Hip Hop was influenced by funk music in the 70's.

When did electronic music originate?

Electronic music started with the invention of the synthesizer in the 1970s.

What music styles were influenced by Africa?

Many styles of ska, experimental, underground and reggae music were heavily influenced by African music.

When did Bob Marley become influenced by music?

Bob Marley was influenced by music around the age of six.

Who influenced the black eyed peas music?

good question. the b.e.p's actually influenced there style of music

What music influenced JLS?

Micheal Jackson influenced JLS.

What else happened in the 1970s about music?

punk happened

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