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What factors should you consider when purchasing a digital camera?


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Resolution. A camera


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A good place to compare digital cameras is on CNET. Here you can compare by price range, manufacturers, zoom range and other important factors or features that you may want to consider in a digital camera.

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The best place to buy a digital camera battery would be at the same store it was purchased. By purchasing it there you have a better chance of getting the right battery.

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I would consider 1st is DSLR camera 2nd is BRIDGE camera 3rd is POINT & SHOOT camera

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For high quality pictures look for a camera with at least 8 megapixels.

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The price of digital cameras depends on the quality and size of camera one is purchasing. The cheapest new digital camera sell for around 60 dollars and the most expensive digital cameras sell for around 2000 dollars. The average price of a digital camera is around 400 dollars.

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