What famous event happened in a school in Little Rock in Arkansas?

1957, The Little Rock Nine are enrolled at Little Rock Central High School after public protests, and the Arkansas National Guard under the direction of Governor Orval Faubus, prevents their first attempt at enrollment.

The above answer should stand, however, a few important facts need to be specified:

A. The "Nine" were Afro Americans were involved with desegregating the Rock Central High School;

B. A court order to arrange for the students to attend the school were defied by Arkansas Governor Faubus;

C. The Governor called out the Arkansas National Guard to prevent their attendance;

D. US President Eisenhower used the National Guard to counter the Governor;

E. After what can be called a fiasco in terms of civil rights, the nine students were finally enrolled; and

F. Finally, the end result was the desegregation of the Little Rock public school system.

This entire incident was a disgraceful display of racism that required Presidential intervention to solve.