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What famous people were born in Indiana?

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Born in the Hoosier StateMany famous people were born in Indiana. Some of them are:

George Rogers Clark (Clarksville) - conquered Indiana for the United States

John Poindexter (Odon) - National Security Adviser to President Ronald Reagan

Samuel Woodfill - (Jefferson County) - Most decorated World War 1 soldier

Lee H. Hamilton - (Bloomington) - U.S. Congressman

Benjamin Harrison - U.S. president

Richard Lugar (Indianapolis) - Indianapolis mayor and U.S. Senator

Dan Quayle (Indianapolis) - former U.S. Senator and U.S. Vice-President

Ryan White (Kokomo) - Aids activist

Young Tobacco - Piankeshaw Chief who supported the U.S. in the American Revoltion

Anne Baxter (Michigan City) - actress

James Dean (Marion) - actor

Steve McQueen (Beech Grove) - actor

Red Skelton (Vincennes) - comedian

David Letterman (Indianapolis) - comedian

Hoagy Carmichael (Bloomington) - songwriter

Crystal Gayle (Wabash) - singer

Bill Gaither (Alexandria) - singer

Gloria Gaither (Alexandria) - songwriter

John Mellencamp (Seymour) - singer

Michael Jackson and his brothers and sisters (Gary)

Cole Porter (Peru) - songwriter

Axl Rose (Lafayette) - Guns N' Roses singer

David Lee Roth (Bloomington) - Van Halen singer

William "Dick the Bruiser" Afflis (Indianapolis) - football player and professional wrestler

John Andretti (Indianapolis) - racer

Larry Baird (French Lick) - basketball player

Donald Brashear (Bedford) - hockey player

Colonel Sanders (Henryville) - founder of Kentucky Fried Chicken (now KFC)

Orville Redenbacher (Brazil) - businessman

Bill Blass (Fort Wayne) - fashion designer

John Schnatter (Jeffersonville) - founder and CEO of Papa John's Pizza

James Whitcomb Riley (Greenfield) - poet

Booth Tarkington (Indianapolis) - Pulitzer Prize winner for literature

Colonel Eli Lilly (Indianapolis) - founder of Eli Lilly

Gus Grissom (Mitchell) - astronaut

Wilbur Wright (Millville) - inventor

Amelia Earhart (West Lafayette) - pioneer woman aviator

The Infamous and Notorious:

John Dillinger (Indianapolis) - bank robber

Reno Brothers (Rockford) - committed the first three peacetime train robberies in U.S. history

Jimmy Hoffa (Brazil) - labor-union leader

Jim Jones (Richmond) - cult founder and leader

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People born in Indiana include basketball player Larry Bird born in West Baden Springs; fashion designer Bill Blass born in Fort Wayne; songwriter Hoagy Carmichael born in Bloomington; actor James Dean born in Marion; labor leader Jimmy Hoffa born in Brazil; composer Cole Porter born in Peru; Orville Wright born in Dayton; Wilbur Wright born in Millville.

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